You can wash and reuse foam earplugs


1. Can I still hear my alarm clock despite the earplugs?

Normally yes. By nature, sound can never be completely switched off, as it is sometimes also conducted through the skin and skull bones. Even with well-fitting earplugs, you are never completely cut off from the environment.

2. From what age are earplugs suitable for children?

Only the user himself can provide information about the reliable effect of earplugs - small children are often overwhelmed by them. In addition, earplugs can be swallowed and could get into the windpipe. We therefore only recommend use from the age of 6 - and then only under adult supervision.

3. Are there earplugs that hold well even in narrow ear canals?

Yes. Either IN-ear plugs, which are placed in front of the opening of the ear canal and gently pressed down, or OHROPAX Mini Soft, which are also ideal as IN-ear plugs for smaller ear canals due to their reduced size, are suitable here.

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4. What is the easiest way for me to place IN-ear plugs?

Reaching over your head with one hand and pulling your ear up slightly will straighten the ear canal a little. Now the plug can simply be inserted.

5. Can I use OHROPAX to help with tinnitus?

Unfortunately, earplugs cannot affect the tinnitus itself. However, those affected are often particularly sensitive to noise and should avoid hectic rush, noise and loud music. OHROPAX is certainly a valuable help here.

6. Are earplugs also suitable for diving?

No. In general, earplugs should not be used for diving, as they make the necessary pressure equalization more difficult.

7. Are OHROPAX earplugs reusable?

In contrast to occupational safety, this is definitely possible in the private sector. Please make sure that your hands, earplugs and ears are clean and dry. Repeated use is then possible as long as the plugs are still pleasantly soft and insulate well. Our earplugs can usually be cleaned with water and mild soap: color, soft and silicone plugs up to twice, multi again and again. OHROPAX Classic is a single-use product as the wax cannot be cleaned.

8. Is it normal to hear my own pulse?

Those who use earplugs for the first time sometimes sense their own pulse. The calm that is created lets you "hear" into your own body. This is completely harmless and will soon pass again.

9. Can I use OHROPAX earplugs every day?

The skin-friendly materials can be used for several hours a day (e.g. one night). After that, we recommend taking a break from wearing to ventilate the ear - but of course only if there is no risk of noise.

10. Does OHROPAX® contain latex? PVC? Plasticizer?

OHROPAX only uses safe and tested raw materials. All plugs are also free of latex, PVC and plasticizers.

11. How tight does OHROPAX hold when swimming?

Silicone plugs from OHROPAX, e.g. B. OHROPAX Silicon Aqua, sit extremely securely and tightly. In the case of strong movements, however, loosening can sometimes occur, the seal is then no longer 100%. Wearing a tight-fitting headband provides additional security.

12. Why are the Classic wax balls covered with cotton wool?

This layer of cotton wool is indispensable for the manufacturing process and makes it easier to remove the balls from the packaging. Please remove the cotton wool before use!