Was there tourism in Stalin's Soviet Union

Stalin birthday Stalin: The dictator is socially acceptable again

Tourists in Moscow cannot ignore Stalin: in Red Square you can have your picture taken with Stalin actors. And there are memories for home at one of the many souvenir markets: Stalin mugs, Stalin T-shirts, Stalin matryoshka.
The dictator himself would have liked that: he was a master of self-staging who liked to be adored. 140 years ago today, Joseph Stalin was born as Josef Wissarionowitsch Dschugaschwilli in the Georgian city of Gori. Millions of people had been murdered during his reign.

Despite this terrible balance, Stalin is increasingly revered in Russia today: 51 percent of Russians have a positive view of Stalin. This was the result of a survey by the "Levada Institute", an independent Russian opinion research center, from March this year. In it, 41 percent of Russians said they worshiped Stalin. In 2012, only 28 percent said they had admiration for Stalin. According to the latest figures, just 14 percent have negative associations with Stalin.

Stalin's renaissance

Memorial to the victims of the Stalin terror

In October 2017, a "Wall of Mourning" was inaugurated in Moscow for the victims of the Stalinist terror. President Putin also attended the event. Experts like historian Irina Scherbakowa praised the Russian government's commitment, but at the same time criticized the fact that it did not position itself clearly enough. And indeed: one month before the inauguration of the monument to the victims, a bronze bust was placed on the "Avenue of the Rulers of Russia" in Moscow in the presence of the Minister of Culture.