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Once Upon A Time ... in Hollywood
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A film that breaks a lot of promises and thus comes across unexpectedly without action, turns out to be a film with a beautiful set design, great perspectives, a great script and a furious ending that is typical of Tarantino. Watching how everything slowly takes its course in the masterfully staged L.A. of the late 60s is really fun and the plot draws one increasingly under its spell. In addition, the usual good Leonardo DiCaprio and his acting partner Brad Pitt, who cannot be surpassed in terms of coolness, make for a really good film that perfectly captures the zeitgeist and reproduces it brilliantly.
I'm very sorry, but this is by far (!) The worst Tarantino! Let's start with the positive ... - Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt! The two have great chemistry and play great, especially DiCaprio! - The soundtrack ! Great 60s tracks ... - The setting! The backdrops are just great and made full of love and details! The kneeling down to the film business and cinema are obvious! ♥ But unfortunately, unfortunately the negative predominates ... :(: heul: There is simply 0.0 red thread, there is absolutely no story ... Yes, the "old" cinema & the two main actors are on the decline and have to deal with it, but that's it with a "story": - / -_- Nobody knows why there HAD to be a connection to the Manson murders. Unfortunately, the film is completely BORING! No "cool" dialogues , no cool characters, DiCaprio and Pitt stand out a bit, but otherwise!? NIX! -_- And there are no or few flashbacks somehow.: -I Then comes the bloody finale, but that was probably just fan service .. . It hurts me to write / say: Quentin, that was crap. :(
The film has NULL story. In principle, you "only" follow a few characters from the film business in their everyday lives. They chat for two and a half hours straight - action and violence only occur in the last ten minutes. (The finale then deviates from the actual events surrounding the Sharon Tate murder and, as with Inglourious Basterds, serves up an alternative course of the story) According to rumors, Quentin Tarantino should consider his work to be completed after a possible tenth film. In my opinion, however, he should do himself (and us) a big favor beforehand: smoke less weed, pat all the back into the desert and calmly watch his previous films in a sober state ... Maybe then at the end of the day you can go back to one of them Hope film, which scores with clever dialogues and lets twisted stories stand in front of the door. I fear, however, that for the finale he will film the story of an insane fan who goes by the name of Mark David Chapman and is about how he shoots a banker named Donald Trump due to certain entanglements. The title: "All you need is John". What I really want to say is: Either you are a fan of such Quentin Tarantino films or you are not.
my absolute darling Tarantino it is understandable some say "I can't do anything with this film", because the film is slow and drawn out. but that is exactly what defines this film. i love the pop culture references and the score is just perfect. Quentin Tarantino always manages to set me back in time, and to change history as he likes it, and he is a master at surprising the public and breaking his own "rules", especially when it comes to tension and violence an absolute must for all Tarantino fans
I'll start right away with the positive points. The acting performances of Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt are really good. If I were a member of the Oscar Academy jury, I would probably be thrilled. But I'm not!! I'm a normal guy who likes to watch movies and who wants to be entertained by those movies. Which brings me to the negative points. The story is more than boring. Only at the end there is a little tension for five minutes. I doubt, however, that all viewers saw these scenes, as many probably switched off beforehand or simply fell asleep. I've never been a big Quentin Tarantino fan. I could never understand the hype surrounding this director. Again and again films with a flat story that are drawn out with seemingly endless dialogues. From me the recommendation: Save this film. The 2h 40min can be invested much better.
Tarantino could probably film a lot of gold and it would still be exciting. Maybe the film is missing something, maybe not. But either way, it's fun! Tarantino live high!
I watched the film in the home cinema. Or rather, I wanted to. At the same time, Tarantino's "Kill Bill" was shown on television for probably the thousandth time. After 41 minutes of "Once upon ..." I gave up and switched to RTL II. Was scared of being the only one who found the movie Mega boring and pointless, but it seems I have allies. Would the group of top-class actors like to ask what made them want to star in the film?
I've seen the film two times now and can't say what it's all about. Unbearably boring, completely meaningless.
Incredibly boring film. Completely irrelevant and without any joke. Stop looking after an hour. A star because of the great soundtrack.
Wow what a disappointment !! How can you get excited about this film? I wonder that all the time !! I have rarely been so disappointed and in no way can I share the rating of movie starts !!
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