What made you happy this week

66 Things That Make You Happy: The Ultimate List

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Luck. A collection.
And a contribution that should simply make you happy.

With tips for specific moments of happiness. No more and no less.

I have the 66 first words that came to mind on the subject of happiness. Freely associated. These aren't big cars, expensive shoes, or other status symbols. By the way, 6 is my lucky number.

  1. Listen to the summer rain; or: Sleep with the window open and hear it splash in the trees at night. Then wake up in the morning with the chirping of birds in pleasant, warm air and not need a blanket.
  2. Listening to loud musicthat it just rattles. Live out your mood, whether sad or euphoric. And dance around the apartment like a rubber ball or lie in bed and shed a few tears.
  3. Make a campfire with friends and counting shooting stars when such a beautiful shooting star night happens as in the video.
  4. The sound of the sea. Lie on the beach with your eyes closed, let the sun tickle your feet. Listen to the noise. Tip: Zandvoort in Holland is almost around the corner when there is too little coal for the Mediterranean.
  5. Lying in the grass.
    Look up at the sky. Inventing cloud images. Feel the wind in the trees. Count planes.
  6. Caramel chocolate. Also chocolate with salted caramel. And air chocolate. And ... oh, chocolate! CHOCOLATE!
  7. Driving a convertible. Even with loud music. Let the wind blow around your nose.
  8. Eat rhubarb sticks with sugar. A childhood memory. Dip raw, peeled, sour rhubarb sticks in sugar. You have to try that too.
  9. Weekend trips. The reflex camera should not be missing.
  10. sushi. In all variations.
    Here: Takeshi Bochum. A little more expensive, but super tasty.
  11. Books. Dive into other worlds.
  12. Hugs. From people you like.
  13. Write. Above all, his own story ... a new chapter every day.
  14. To pick strawberries; thick, red and juicy.
  15. Sunsets.
    Just sit there and watch the day come to an end.
  16. Wear summer dresses. With flowers. I feel light in it.
  17. dogs. My absolute favorite animals. Having a dog in your life is pure luck.
  18. To danceuntil your feet burn. Feel the music.
  19. Sleep. Often and for a long time. It's so damn good to snuggle into the pillow.
  20. Wellness days.
    Bring the vacation home; Face mask, conditioner, scrub and candlelight; a good book and then off to the bathtub. In the photo: A homemade peeling made from coffee prütt and olive oil, tested by my dear friend Natascha. What a fun mess! 🙂
  21. XXL burger with fries and a lot of mayonnaise. It's super unhealthy, but I'll stand by it: I'm a mayo fetishist. What kind of fast food could you throw all your principles overboard for?
  22. Cycle. Through the beautiful Münsterland or in Bochum and Hattingen along the Ruhr. With a picnic basket, please. Tips for great routes are gladly accepted.
  23. Paris.Mon amour, I want to go to the city of love with you and a baguette in a basket, cliché 😉
  24. Philosophize. About you and me About us. And about the world. And the life.
  25. Have a long and extensive breakfast
    ... and celebrate the start of the day. With everything included. By the way, these great fruit salad yoghurt cups are available at Konkret in Bochum.
  26. the mountains. I learned to love in Bern and Salzburg.
  27. melancholy. Pain also has to be allowed.
  28. Cuddle Sundays. The bell and the cell phone off, staying in bed from morning to evening, watching series and ordering pizza. Wear pajamas or sweatpants. A list of the best series in 2017 can be found here.
  29. Roller coaster rides in the amusement park. And scream loudly until you get hoarse. What an edgy, exciting feeling. Then mumble a cotton candy.
  30. Butterfliesin the belly.
    The tingling sensation that someone else suddenly triggers. Having to think about someone all the time. Can not sleep. Miss. Be tender with one another.
  31. Passion. And the most beautiful thing in the world.
  32. Lisbon.The old tram there, the saudade, the delicious fish, ... simply the complete attitude to life.
  33. coffee. In the morning. That has to be. Bring it on. Right away.
  34. Chimpanzee babies. Monkeys: My second favorite animals. Cuddle with you, that would be a dream.
  35. The Kemnader reservoir.
    My favorite destination for sports activities.
  36. Make compliments. Who doesn't like to hear something nice about themselves? And who doesn't like to see a smile from someone who is happy about it? 🙂
  37. Acoustic Music. Guitar sounds and a soulful voice. Hachja. Languishes. There are playlists here on Spotify, for example.
  38. Jogging on a mild summer evening. Feels like freedom.
  39. Large ice cream cones with colorful sprinkles. Or chocolate coating.
  40. to travel. Out into the wide world, but also to yourself ... and: If a person is the destination of the journey and not a place ... it is the greatest 🙂
  41. Martini Bianco. Ice-cold in summer. In moderation, rarely (and only when you are 18).
  42. Stone oven pizza. Yeah damn, 90% of those points are culinary. I know myself 😛 The best is in Bochum in Ehrenfeld.
  43. Twist plot movies. Riddles, puzzles, theses ... and then discarded again. Always very receptive to great tips.
  44. Driving a car at night without a destination. Just get in and go. Drive into nowhere. Can be very liberating.
  45. childhood memories.
    Leafing through photo albums, listening to music that takes you back, dig your baby shoes from the basement, listen to old tapes that you have recorded.
  46. Shopping. Walk through shops, chase clothes and in the end be proud of your prey, even if it is only small.
  47. Making crazy ideas come true.
  48. Spontaneity. “Hey, let's just go to Provence tonight. By car."
  49. grillingeven if only with a table grill. You can get it very cheaply in the hardware store (for ten). On balconies, of course.
  50. Spanish tapas.
    By the way, the best in Bochum can be found here.
  51. Sing karaoke loudly and crookedly. At this point I would also like to extend my heartfelt apologies to my dear neighbors. But damn it, it's so much fun!
  52. Chocolate tart with a liquid core and vanilla ice cream. Mhhhhhhhhh….
  53. To be able to do what you want. And don't have to be something you hate.
  54. Warmth. Authenticity. Empathy.
  55. colorful bouquets.
    Put you in a good mood. And freshen up every room.
  56. Picnic. With wine and fruits 🙂
  57. To pretzel. The girls snap, try on different clothes together, drink champagne, cackle like young chickens, listen to music and pretzel, only to make the night unsafe.
  58. Snorkeling in the coral reef. And look at small, colorful fish and rays.
  59. Laugh heartily.
  60. Balconies.
    A little vacation at home every summer. Your own realm. Very small, very mine.
  61. Water slides with rubber tires. Sometimes it's just great to be a child all over again.
  62. Meditate. Be completely with yourself. And turn off the world around it for so long. Guided meditation for beginners is available here.
  63. dream. Dive into other worlds. Let your imagination run wild. Imagine what you like. Everything is possible in dreams.
  64. long and profound phone calls. Until the ear glows and the eyes close.
  65. Hamburg, our pearl. Who doesn't want to live here ?!
  66. Make plans. With things that make you happy 😉

Happiness: what is it for you? Feel free to add in the comments.