What makes the SCP universe unique

What is SCP Foundation? What does it mean SCP?

SCP: Inference break (from English- "SCP: Disorder") - Free Indi open source game in the survival horror genre, the pattern of which is based on fictional stories from "The SCP Foundation" website, which runs on the Wikidot engine. The object of the game is to survive in the conditions of the violation of the contents of unusual objects in the underground base of the organization known as the "SCP Foundation".


Abnormal objects that humans can cause are inhabited all over the world. To prevent this from happening, the World Foundation for Catching and Containing Abnormal Objects was created - SCP (deciphered as "Special Restriction Procedure" or "Safe. Contain. Protect"). The fund usually includes the best scientists, specialists, employees, FBI agents. For experiments with abnormal objects, scientists collect dangerous criminals who have been sentenced to life or the death penalty (hereinafter, they become class members, that is, the "consumables" of the foundation).

Several of the Foundation's institutions were completely or partially destroyed by the Chaos Rebels - a terrorist group negatively related to the Fund. In this regard, Dr. George Maynard developed a modular zone project in which SCP objects are placed on temporary storage.

To important events

On the morning at 9:20 a.m., prior to the events described in the game, the incident dubbed 106-0204 occurred. SCP-106 violates the Terms of Use. An alert filed by Agent Wilkenson and Agent Skinner. So far, the conditions of the contents of SCP-106 have been restored, the Agent-Skinner has disappeared. Staff believe Skinner was drawn into a "pocket dimension" SCP-106, but this may mean the agent was the spy for the Chaos Rebels and ran away during the hype. The system that Mainard created began to fail.

Main storyline

The game starts in the hostel class D staff, where the player acts as one of them - D-9341. Agent Algrin and another security guard took it to SCP-173 to clean the camera, which requires the mandatory presence of three people (one of whom is cleaned and the other two maintain permanent visual contact with the object). The exam is conducted by the head of security, Franklin Ceres. If you start powering unexpectedly, as a result, SCP-173 kills two Class D and one security guard and one security guard and breaks free. After that, turn on dim emergency lights and the main part of the game begins.

There is chaos in the complex - almost all of the SCP objects that violated the conditions of detention, the foundation staff are evacuated, but die for various reasons. D-9341 attempts to exit the complex by abandoning the attacks of SCP-173, SCP-106, and other objects.

After the player surrenders to the reinforced content zone, it is still trying to hunt him down. After a period of time, D-9341 finds a scientist with SCP-035 who tries to deceive the main character, but when it is released he explains how to get out of the zone, and SCP-079, what doesn't the doors open to its contents chamber. He also finds a room with an "Omega" readhead where it can be switched off (depending on the end B).

D-9341 penetrates the staff area where he turns off the remote controls for the doors, thereby returning to the camera with SCP-079. The latter offers a deal - the player includes a remote control of the doors, and for this the main sign is given the opportunity to enforce exit B or exit A.

The player returns to the power control room and, to complete the task, goes to the exit. However, he opposes the mobile operating group Epsilon-11 ("Ninestile Lisa"), which shoots the player as soon as he sees.

As a result, from the memories you can judge that George Maidard was the spy for The Chaos Rebels, and the entire modular zone is just the collection of SCP objects specially presented to terrorists.

Game process

The player is found in the complex, which is underground. The player must encounter the most dangerous places of this complex. A distinguishing feature of the game is the ability to blink due to the abnormal nature of SCP-173. The player's main problem is tear gas. Most commonly, SCP-173 encounters in the rooms filled with gas. A gas mask can be found in stock (although this does not always appear), which makes it easier to pass through gas compartments, but the warehouse must be found. Without a gas mask, the player must either risk going through the gas compartment or find a workaround. Another important feature of the game is the automatic generation of the game room: every time the game starts, the game world is generated with a random location of the rooms and corridors, making each one unique and unique in its own way.

The complex itself is a network of confusing corridors (in one of the notes and in a conversation on the radio) it was said that the new scientist was lost and tried to find an exit after testing), because that of the player should be everything Possible things to do In order not to get lost: To marry items, use the navigator.

In the complex you will find documents on abnormal objects that will allow the player to learn their skills and prepare for their meeting. Not all abnormal objects cause the player on: For example, SCP-500-01 treats the player completely. The player is dangerous not only anomalous objects, but also traps in the complex (gas chambers that are automatically closed; Tesla gate in the corridors), as well as the foundation staff themselves (mobile operational group, if you meet with the player open fire on them) . For further advancement, it is not only possible but also to interact with abnormal objects (SCP-914 will improve the key card; SCP-035 will show you how to exit the complex; SCP-079 will open the gate; SCP- 860 helps you pass 3 zone quickly).

In the game, in order to give an atmosphere of horror, the audio component plays the main role. Inexperienced players are very difficult to distinguish the background sound from the sounds of enemies. The game is occupied with the "scrimes". For a player in the vicinity of SCP-173 the shock can be fatal: The player can accidentally shoot a computer mouse in an unnecessary side, which leads to the death of the main character. Without knowledge of the SCP universe, a newcomer is very difficult to pass the game: some objects appear before the player has time to find documents describing their abnormal properties; Document PRO SCP-096 can only be found via SCP-914 or with little chance of being found in the archive room, leading to the confusion of players who have met with SCP-096 and have no idea what to do with it .

Car publisher

In version 0.7.4 a map editor appears, which enables most of the corridors and rooms contained in the PC memory and generated with a 40% chance (so that the player does not know what is playing in his map) or Die "Load map" button before the game. The card must contain at least 20 rooms to prevent the SCP-173 and output camera connection. There are no restrictions to exceed the number of rooms.

Updated from version 1.3.0. There are also two cards from the developer in the editor: sample card and Larry's revenge.


Gate A:

  • First choice. After the player receives access to the issue from SCP-079 and gets on the elevator, the SCP-106 will appear next to the issue and attempt to exit the zone if it does not restore its conditions of detention. At this point the player must go through the tunnel, go under the bridge and find a small door. After he was supposed to go to that door and what appeared to be leaving the unknown zone on the service tunnel. However, at the end of the tunnel, he sees strangers depending on the body that resembles the guards (presumably these are the rebels of Chaos). You utter a mysterious sentence: "They know too much to let them. You go with us"What is the game and what ends? After the end, the audio recording of the dialogue will be played, which is reported that several Epsilon-11 members were locked in a service tunnel.
  • Second option. In the second variant - the same, but you need to follow the SCP-106 return protocol (RP-106-N). After getting out of Gate A, the player could hit Epsilon-11 and give orders to stop, to stop. The game ends and the foundation staff start discussing this incident. They counted that the protagonist had the skills that helped him survive, and so they counted it on SCP objects.

Gate B (Gate B):

  • First choice. SCP-079 opens the player to go to target B (in recent versions with it, both exits open - B and A). He has to get to the door quickly and go to the tunnel or he will shoot his helicopter. After the player comes out of the tunnel into the passage to the control panel, it is reported that SCP-682 has violated the content conditions. SCP-682 undermines one of the helicopters, activating the Omega and Alpha warheads; At this point, the player must reach the control panel. Helicopters fly away. After a few seconds, an unknown zone explodes, on which the game ends. After the end, the audio recording will be played that reports that SCP-682 survived after the explosion and breached the defenses of an unknown zone.
  • Second option. In the second variant, the same thing happens as in the first. Only the player needs to turn off the battle tips, and after knocking the helicopter to give helicopter or shoot yourself. After the end, the audio recording is played in which it is reported that a class D-class D was killed during the gripping of gate B.


It all started with the creation of a small indie game that was similar to the rest of the Indian indie games. It was almost impossible to play: a large number of bedbugs; The game didn't have the game, so players were left with an endless hike in the wild. However, over time, new versions of the games from the developer began, in which bugs were corrected, new content appeared, for example, new objects or locations. In version 0.5 the ends were added; After that, it was possible to go through the game to the end. New versions of global innovations are usually raw (bugs with preservation, scripts of objects are wrong, etc.), and in a few days there will be small bug fixes in the form of new versions of the game.

The game files can be easily edited, which generates a lot of mods for the game. Among them there are such modifications that not only replace sounds and textures, but also add new elements and SCP objects (the best ideas from such modes can get into a new version of the game in a heavily modified form - for example, SCP-178 , SCP-1074 and SCP-1123 were added in version 1.1 of the box of Horrors Fashion and SCP-1162 and SCP-1499 in version 1.3.0 - of the nine-tailed fox). Some SCP developers - containment brekers also create modes for their own game.

The game is developed by a small, independent corporate team that runs Jonas "Regalis" Riccane. In 2016, the development team of the developers of the third Subvision Studio joined the development of the game. The handler involved in the sound of the characters consists mainly of video blocks that are popular on YouTube. Updates to the game are rare - once a couple of months.

Many computer game lovers, and mostly those who love horror games, met SCP. After a few hours spent in the head in the passage of the game, questions arise whether such a found one is true? Are there such things in our world? In this article we go into detail about what the SCP Foundation is and whether it exists in the real world.


On April 15, 2012, an unknown game was (practically) announced. We'll talk about the game itself a little later. And to begin with - about the essence of SCP. It lies in the fact that there is a foundation that protects the world of ordinary people from all sorts of paranormal phenomena, which, by the way, pose a serious threat, such as to a certain area where they live and to the whole world as a whole. Many organizations try in all respects to hide the existence of several, among which the SCP Foundation is.

The main aim of the foundation is to neutralize and study various anomalous phenomena. So that they could not harm humanity. As well as any facts that confirm the existence of something abnormal.

The site itself is a great piece of information about various creatures, phenomena, and items that are beyond a person's usual perception and carry some threat. It is worth noting that not all creatures and objects are hostile to a person. There are objects that even help the foundation catch other objects. It is worth talking about them, say that each object of the foundation does not have a name, but the sequence number, for example, "SCP-001", etc.

The SCP Foundation has many different objects that can be both dangerous and friendly. But still beyond the normal perception of reality. This can be not only animated objects, but also computers and housewares. There are no parallels in most stories about objects, but there are exceptions. For example, Cain and Abel - they are there too. It's funny that you're completely harmless. And even helps the organization. Abel is also required to stay in an unusual grave that he cannot get out of, so as not to destroy this world.

Because of its extraordinary danger, some objects may be contained in conditions so dire that it is beyond the decent faction at all. There is an object, a woman, she is pregnant by Satan and has a child in her womb. In order for him not to be born, another prisoner comes over this poor girl in a timely manner of a sexual character, so that the child of Satan's did not go out and did not trap the world. The SCP Foundation has many objects. Each story surprises in its own way. Fortunately, the SCP Foundation only exists in the fictional universe. Otherwise we would have to see many unexplored creatures, thirsty for our death.

SCP 001 - The very first object object

So much more. SCP 001 is a humanoid creature, 700 meters by 700 meters, from the rear, from the four. Processes come out, similar to the wings, like an angel. A bright glow occurs from the object, and no one can get closer than 1 kilometer away. In the distant past a person found this object, after which he received an order from this being: "Get ready." This event marked the creation of the SCP Foundation. And his first object was this angel.

Trying to approach the object, they got a team "forgotten" or "abandoned" from it, from the execution, the execution of which could not resist, and just forget what happened to them, or they ran in a panic. When sending unmanned robots, the object destroyed them with its sword (SCP 001-2). Every angel attack was unsuccessful and led to a loss of personnel. After that, the SCP 001 object decided to leave alone until activated. In case of its activation, the end of the world will occur as one of the religions says.

A few words about the game

At the beginning of the article it was already said that the SCP universe was created a game that initially did not gain great popularity. Over time, numerous Jutubeds accepted to take them over. As a result, it has become quite popular, and is still sold in steam to this day. Modifications began to be issued, making the game of the game grow significantly.

In the game of the game's view, we are their employee who is being lowered to class D due to a number of specific circumstances. This class of people are particularly dangerous criminals used by the organization as experimental mice. The plot unfolds that we are delivered to the place of study of the object. However, unexpectedly, an error occurs that contributes to the opening of all doors of the fund. We survive, but against us absolutely all objects of the fund and the foundation itself.After passing the fire and water, we need to get to the surface to leave any danger thin.


This game makes a peculiar impression of which in it you want to ask the question whether the SCP foundation is in the real world? No matter how much you wanted to believe, but it's just a fantasy. You can also become one of the people who contributed to the history of the game. It is only necessary to come up to the same name and write an article about your SCP.

This information is intended to familiarize the SCP players available on the server. This topic will help you familiarize yourself with the newbie with SCP as they look on the server (brief description, ability, HP, harm recommended against them, weakness, weakness).


1.scp-173 (statue) - The first thing taken in the usual statue, but only while you are looking at it. If you take a look or blink from her, she will roll your neck. It is not possible to escape from him because he is very quick.
2. The equipment - every 30 seconds it can turn off the vision of players in a certain radius for 5 seconds.
3.HP - 7000.
4.onone - Immediate death.
5. Sorted - keep your distance and don't get off. Use eye drops when you meet with him.
6. Life - cannot move while looking at it.


1.scp-106 (grandfather) - looks like an older humanoid in the late decomposition phase. SCP-106 is not particularly split. Run away from him. When you catch up, your measurement teleports from where it's difficult to get out.
In charge - It can deploy a teleportation point anywhere, but it can be teleported there for 90 seconds. It can also pass through ordinary doors (it is not possible to pass through Gate A B).
3.HP - 4000.
4. summed up - to stay away when you don't have the ability to protect yourself (you can use SCP-714 against it (ring)).
5.One - Damage occurs when SCP-106 sends a player to the Dimension.
5. Lost - it is possible to kill it through its camera. It is in its place of content.


1.scp-049 (a plague doctor) - This SCP reminds the usual Dr. 12th century treating people from the plague and other dangerous diseases. On it a gray costume with a hood and a "key" mask.
Responsible - to turn the players on the zombies with your touch.
3.HP - 3100.
4. Assorted - don't match close. If there is SCP-714 (ring) it can be used as protection.
5.onone - does not cause any damage.
6. Life - slow movement.


1.Scp-457 (match) is an ordinary person who burns. Everyone who comes near it (except SCP) begins to look.
2. Expansion - every 3 seconds can throw a fireball (fireball).
3.HP - 5000.
4. Summary - don't adjust very closely. Stay 3-4 paces away. Also wear a fireproof costume.
5.Onone - Damage occurs while you are burning.
6. Life - slow vehicle speed. Ordinary walking won't allow him to keep up with you.


1.scp-966 (levy) - Invisible, which can only be seen by SCP and players who have NVG (night vision device).
2. The Ability - There are no special abilities other than being invisible.
3.HP - 1000.
4. Approved - If you feel like you are being supervised, it is better to separate yourself from this place. Being close to you is separate. It is also recommended to wear NVG.
5.Onone - All who are suitable for him will be harmed.
6. Loss - there is no particular weakness. Small amount of HP and slow speed movement.


1.Scp-682 (lizard) is an important reptile-like creature. It is very slow because of its size.
2. Ability - every 45 seconds can accelerate.
3. HP - 15,000.
4. Required - If the SCP-682 noticed you, the door is advised to close before it.
5.Onone - death damage (100 damage units).
6. Look at you - it's very slow! Strong yields when around 3 people are shooting.


1.scp-035 (mask) - When you wear this mask, you become SCP. Only the D-Class can carry it. If you kill the mask, that mask will fall from it and anyone can pick it up. She saw of guns.
2. The ability - there is no special ability.
3. HP - 2000.
4. It is recommended - to close the door in front of him. Does not represent any particular danger.
5. Omone - randomly 60 to 150 damage units.


1.scp-023 - Black dog. There is an ordinary dog ​​in appearance, but it hurts a lot. Even if it can be closed to speak to him.
2. Ability - can accelerate, but at the same time loses health.
3.HP - 4023.
4. Required - If you see it, run away until she sees you. Running doors.
5.onone - 40 - 50 damage.
6. Look - when accelerated, HP loses.


1.scp-066 (Eric toy) - In appearancemass of confused threads. It can make a noise that can be very deafening (damage damage).
2. Ability - every 25 seconds reproduce the sounds that damage the player until you hear that music. Music lasts 20 seconds.
3.HP - 1000.
4. Summary - Once you listen to music, run as far as you can.
5.ONE -12 means of damage.
6. Loss - there is no particular weakness. Small HP.


1.scp-1048-A (bear) - In appearance, it looks like an ordinary live teddy bear. If you look carefully you can understand that it is made of ears. It can make a noise that can be very deafening (damage damage).
2. Ability - every 8 seconds reproduce the noises that damage the player while listening to this music. The tone lasts 6 seconds.
3rd HP - 1500.
4. SITE - Once you hear the sound, run as far as you can.
5.One - 15 damage units.
6. Weakness - There is no particular weakness. Small HP.


1.scp-076 (Abel and Cube) -Abel(SCP-076-2) - looks like a person from an old tribe. In the story he is awakened from Cuba(SCP-076-1) and in search of victims. Abel will still live the cube.
Progress - After death, it can be reborn and reborn while the cube is alive.
3.HP - ABEL-300, CUBE-100.
4. Summary - as soon as possible to destroy the cube it could not be revived.
5.One - damage of the usual blow (LKM) - 70 damage, damage by strong impact (PkM) - 120 damage units.
6. Look - if you destroy the cube, it is no longer reborn. Small HP.


1.scp-1471-A (mobile application) - looks like a large black-haired manoidcreation whose skull looks like the skull of a dog.
2. The Opposity - At a distance of 2-5 meters, it can accelerate while you are not looking at it.
3.HP - 4000.
4. SITE - Run, see and close the doors.
5.One - 5 damage units.
6.Life - can't speed up when looking at it.


1.scp-689 (ghost in the dark) - it is also called personal. It looks like a skeleton wrapped in a gray robe. Everyone who looked at him
2. Outfetterability - if you look at it, it can teleport you and kill you instantly for 4 seconds. He has a list that has looked at him and he can choose who and when and when to kill.
3.HP - 5689.
4. Site - try not to look at it. If you looked at him, you are definitely already a corpse. Try to hide where he will not be able that all your death is in vain. T. aK identical, if there is SCP-714 (ring) it can be used as protection.
5.onone - Immediately.
6. There is no fundamental weakness. Small movement speed. If you don't look at it, he won't be able to kill him.


1.Scp-860-2 (Cat) is a four-legged reptile, reminiscent of a large cat, with a long tail, yellow shiny eyes. Lives in SCP-860-1 (Measurement - Forest).
2. There are no special skills.
3.HP - 6400.
4. Summary - Stay remote. If you want to walk along the path of the doors.
5.onone - a strong attack (LKM) 30-60, fast attacks (PCM) -13.
6. Loss - there is no particular weakness.


1.scp-999 (jelly) - looks like a large liquid mass of transparent orange slime. It's harmless to gamers.
Responsible - the ability to treat someone.
3rd HP - 10,000.
4. Summary - is Harmless SCP. It is recommended not to offend.
5.onone - absent.
6. Look at yourself - there are no attacking skills.


1.scp-939 (talking lizard) - looks like a large lizard with red and translucent skin.
Progress - mimicking the voices (all players can be heard).
3. HP - 5939.
4. summed up - when you meet you try to escape. When trying to escape, close the doors as it has high speed of movement.
5.onone - 40-70.
6. Loss - there is no particular weakness. Charge for 2 seconds after the first attack.


1. Scp-049-2 (zombies) are objects that have been healed by SCP-049 (a plague doctor), and more precisely, all he has to do is touch and you become SCP-049-2.
2. The ability - there is no special ability.
3.HP - 1050.
4th character - SCP.
does not pose a particular threat. If there are a large number of them, it is recommended that you avoid meeting them.
5.Onone - a weak blow (LKM) 10-20. Strong blow (pkm) 90.
6. Life - There is no particular weakness. There is little HP, there is no special ability.


1.scp-957 (bait) -he is a humanoid being. It looks like an ordinary person with whose eyes are bandaged. Much depends on SCP-957-1
2. The Ability - At the start of the round, the SCP-957-1 is selected and the bait depends very much on it. As soon as SCP-957-1 dies in a minute to receive a new one. The bait also has the ability that allows it to inflict damage on players within the range of the environmental radius.
3.HP - 1000.
4. Assorted - Don't let yourself be reached very close.
5.URON - receiving damage occurs when you are in the attack radius. Damage 10 units.
6. Find Yourself - If you kill SCP-957-1, the bait will take 500 damage units of damage. Small HP.


1.scp-957-1 - name does not have. If there is SCP-957, SCP-957-1 is random one minute after the start of the round.
2. The ability - the main ability is not. No one except SCP-957 who does not know that you are SCP-957-1 except for SCP-957.
3. HP-100.
4th character - SCP.
it's not dangerous, but it's difficult for you to determine who he is.
5.onone - depending on what his weapon has.


1.scp-008-2 (infected) - Objects infected with SCP-008. The ability to become that SCPit is only possible. Round.
2. There are no special skills.
3rd HP - 750.
4. Sorted - don't give any escape.
5.One - 10-20 units of damage.
6. There is no fundamental weakness. Small HP.

Special offer for help: ST16L, Darkfoxy, L.

If you have a home server or a server on the internet, you need a way to securely move files between machines. We could easily transfer data between the local machines using a flash drive, but to a remote server all you need to do is transfer data over the network. There are many ways to accomplish this task.

In this article, we'll look at how to copy files using the Secure Copy Command (SCP) utility as well as the Linux SCP command. So when transferred files are encrypted no one else can get access to them and the most interesting thing is that you don't have to configure FTP or other additional software. There will be enough SSH servers.

The SCP command is a utility that works over the SSH protocol. Hence, you only need to transfer a file to a computer that the SSH server is running on and you should also know the login and password to connect to it. With the SCP command you can move files not only between the local and remote systems, but also between two remote systems. Again, it is enough to get to know passwords from them. And unlike RSync, you don't have to log into any of the servers.

Copy SCP files.

This article is aimed primarily at beginners, so I'll try to explain everything the way it can do more. Before we move on to practice, you need to consider the general syntax of the team:

$ SCP options user [email protected] host1: file user [email protected] host2: file

Option utilities more relate to the SSH protocol and set up the overall behavior. Follow the address of the first and second file. Each of them can be on both local and remote machines. And now consider the most important options that we may need:

  • -1
  • -2
  • -B.
  • -C. - Include compression;
  • - L.
  • -Ö. - Set the desired SSH option;
  • -p.
  • -r.
  • -V. - more detailed.
  • -1 - Use the SSH1 protocol;
  • -2 - Use the SSH2 protocol;
  • -B. - Batch mode to transfer multiple files;
  • -C. - Include compression;
  • - L. - Set the speed limit in kbps;
  • -Ö. - Set the desired SSH option;
  • -p. - save the time of change;
  • -r. - recursive copy directories;
  • -V. - more detailed.

sCP / Home / Sergiy / file [email protected] site: / root /

As a user, you must use a user who is on the server. Instead of IP you can also serve domains. It is only necessary that the selected user has been added to the specified folder.

You can use the -R option to copy an entire directory to a remote machine. The team will look like this:

sCP -R / Home / Sergiy / Photos [email protected] site: / root /

Make sure the source directory is not slashed and the destination directory must be. By changing the syntax with a slative, you can transfer all files from the directory to the remote server:

sCP -R / Home / Sergiy / Photos / * [Email protected] site: / root /

If you swap a local path and server in places, you can copy the SCP files from a remote server to a local computer:

sCP. [Email protected] site: / root / file / home / sergiy /

To copy SCP files or folders from the server:

scp -r. [E-Mail protected] site: / root / fotos / home / sergiy /

Please note that the folder you want to copy to should end with a slash, otherwise the folder you are copying to will be restored instead of copied.

To download the SCP file from one server to another, you just need to provide authentication data on each of them. For example, copy a file:

sCP. [Email protected] site: /home/root/index.html. [Email protected] site: / home / root / www /

Copy the folder from the same remote server:

sCP. [Protected email] site: / root / fotos [protected email] site: / home / root / www /


In this article, we've reviewed how SCP files run, how it works, and what you can do with this utility. Moving As you can see, moving files from one server to another is very easy. In Linux, understanding the basics is enough to work more efficiently! And the SCP command is one of those tools.