Can an art student study


An overview of the art studies

The art course trains you in one of the 3 areas of fine art, fine arts or applied art. It includes practical courses, for example in painting and photography, as well as theoretical content, for example in art education or the analysis of works of art. There are a few specialized courses such as restoration or ceramics.

Am I suitable for studying art?

If you want to study art, you need a lot of artistic talent. Because in order to receive a study place, you usually have to submit an application folder with a selection of original work. In addition, you often have to pass an aptitude test. For your future professional field, it is important that you are willing to take risks and can market yourself.

What are the job prospects after graduation?

After studying art you will find work in cultural institutions such as auction houses, museums or galleries. Alternatively, you can work in the journalistic field or in teaching. You should be flexible in terms of your professional field, as the job prospects are uncertain and you may have to reorient yourself several times.

Why should I study art?

Do you love to paint or draw, and are you interested in many different cultures? Is art itself more important to you than a secure job with a regular income? Then studying art is right for you. It offers you practical training and provides you with interesting historical, philosophical, literary and theological content.