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Kattovit Urinary cat food - for urinary tract diseases

Kattovitt Urinary - This special cat food gives cats with diseases of the lower urinary tract a balanced diet and can reduce the risk of strovitstein formation. The complete feed Kattovit Urinary was developed according to the latest scientific findings, so that the pH value of cat urine is clearly in the low range.

You can also feed Kattovit Urinary cat food preventively as a prophylactic against struvite stones, your cat will thank you for it. If you have any questions, please contact us!

Kattovit Urinary cat food against urinary tract diseases

Chronic bladder infections are unfortunately not uncommon in cats. Older animals in particular suffer from lower urinary tract and kidney disease. Cats suffering from Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) form so-called struvite stones; these are a form of urinary stone that is painful and can lead to serious complications of the kidney. Struvite stones contain magnesium and therefore need this mineral to be formed. So that no new stones can form, a reduced magnesium content in the feed is particularly important.

In the case of urinary tract diseases: renounce magnesium with Kattovit Urinary

Kattovit Urinary cat food has been specially tailored to the special needs of cats with urinary tract diseases: The low-magnesium special food reduces or prevents the growth and new formation of painful struvite stones.

In addition to meat and vegetable ingredients, Kattovit Urinary contains uric acidic DL-methionine. In connection with calcium sulphate, the pH value of the urine can be kept in the slightly acidic range (pH value 6.4). Struvite stones only develop when the urine has an alkaline pH. Thanks to essential taurine, important vitamins and minerals, this food forms a complete and balanced meal. The many varieties ensure acceptance even with spoiled gourmets and the urine crystals don't stand a chance!

Kattovit Urinary wet food in a nutshell:

  • Special food for cats with lower urinary tract diseases (FLUTD)
  • low magnesium content: ideal for preventing struvite stones
  • DL-methionine and calcium sulphate have a uric acidic effect and reduce the pH value of cat urine
  • the essential amino acid taurine ensures strong eyesight and healthy heart function
  • important vitamins and minerals for a balanced and holistic diet
  • delicious recipes ensure high digestibility and acceptance


How to feed Kattovit Urinary cat food

Unfortunately, the food alone is only one side of the coin: the eating behavior of sick cats is also often disturbed. If they refuse to eat, special cat food is of no use. In this case, ensure a special feeding experience in a playful way.

Most often, urinary tract disorders are a long-term affair. The recommended feeding should therefore last up to six months. Feed the Kattovit Urinary cat food as a daily complete feed. On average - as with normal food - one can per day is sufficient, but of course the amount of food can vary depending on age, activity and breed. Always provide enough fresh drinking water.

If you have any questions about urinary cat food in the shop, you are welcome to write us an email at any time or call us on +49 65 61 12 918!

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