What is the difference between SPS-DDC

PLC and DDC software

The control of a machine or system as well as the regulation of the technical building systems, especially in the industrial sector, is often implemented by means of programmable logic controllers or DDC controllers. In addition to a relatively free functional design, this also allows the usually unproblematic system expansion and networking with other facilities (see Industry 4.0)

As a specialist in programming the Simatic S7 or Simatic S7 TIA Portal, we have created a PLCmoduls module library for precisely this industrial application, which uses prefabricated, tested and documented complex modules to create all possible control and regulation systems with the same Simatic tool Step7 V5.5 or TIA Portal permitted.

Especially users in the industrial sector will appreciate it if they can carry out the service from the machine to the ventilation system with the same equipment. If the PLC program of a system is structured in the same way as that of a neighboring ventilation system, the service employee does not have to keep rethinking and will be more efficient. It is now also possible for your own staff to carry out functional changes or extensions independently. This saves time and money.

We are happy to support you in this work, starting with software planning through to commissioning.

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