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After English and French, German is the third language taught in Russia. The greatest difficulty for Russian speakers is the German grammar. German contains numerous grammar rules with three possible genders, four cases, often irregular plural forms, etc. Nevertheless, many Russians choose German at school because it can be very useful in areas such as business administration, psychology, international law or politics: knowing German can be a Door opener and very helpful professionally.

The Langenscheidt Russian-German dictionary

The revised Russian-German dictionary contains around 230,000 keywords, phrases and translations and offers more than general Russian and German vocabulary. It also provides key facts about culture, science, technology, business, politics, and sports. In addition to numerous neologisms, a large number of slang and vulgar words and phrases have been added to the dictionary. Abbreviations of subject areas, stylistic peculiarities and grammatical specifications are represented by many explanatory clues. This always guides the user to the correct translation. The current data are the result of many years of work by the authors Stanislaw Walewski and Prof. Dr. Erwin Wedel.

The advantages of the Russian language

Russian is a popular language and not only in Russia! Due to the strong similarities with other Slavic languages, it is also very popular in other countries, such as Poland or the Czech Republic. But Russian is also a very common language on a global level and is taught at top universities in Paris, London and New York.

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Langenscheidt has brought together his years of experience and linguistic knowledge to make the best online dictionary available to all Russian speakers and Russian learners, no matter where they are. The dictionaries can be accessed on the PC as well as on the tablet or mobile phone. Thanks to its attractive design, the Russian-German dictionary can be easily used even when traveling or commuting. Langenscheidt meets the requirements of its users by providing a number of learning apps for every situation and platform - vocabulary and grammar trainers or interactive language courses for on the go. The main focus is on smart applications for learners that can be tailored to individual requirements.

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Langenscheidt is a traditional publisher that offers a wide range of products and services in the field of languages. As the publisher, Langenscheidt has always been known for constantly changing its range of products and for offering a large number of high-quality digital language products in addition to traditional printed dictionaries.

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If you use the letters listed below to manually click through the Russian-German dictionary, you will be shown the complete list of German words. To see all the relevant German translations and the associated synonyms, all you have to do is click on a word.