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The most beautiful Celtic boy names

Although we don't hear them every day, some of the Celtic boy names sound very familiar to our ears. They are known from mythologies and legends such as that of Tristan & Isolde or that of King Arthur and his round table. This is where the name of the magician Merlin comes from, for example.

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Celtic languages ​​are still spoken today in Ireland (Irish), Wales (Welsh), Scotland (Scottish Gaelic) and Brittany (Breton). With the exception of Welsh, all Celtic languages ​​are classified as endangered languages ​​by UNESCO. There are even efforts to revive extinct Celtic languages ​​such as Manx, which was spoken on the Isle of Man. So if you give your baby a Celtic first name, you might even be contributing a tiny bit to the preservation of these cultures.

Check out the list below for the most beautiful Celtic boy names with meanings:

Where do Celtic first names come from?

In England, Ireland and France names of Celtic origin are not uncommon. Most of the speakers of a Celtic language are in Wales. Welsh and Breton, spoken in French Brittany, are both British languages. Therefore there is also a lot of overlap in the first names.

Irish and Scottish belong to the Goidelic languages. Both are more like second languages ​​that are mastered in addition to the mother tongue. Since the Irish and Scots are tradition-conscious and patriotic people, fortunately they like to use names from their centuries-old history for the names of their children. This of course also includes the names from Celtic mythology.

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