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HOKAMIX30 snack

Super acceptance and tolerance!

I bought the snack for my old boxer lady because she has digestive problems and her coat has become very thin and "hard" with age. The snacks are very large; I cut it lengthways, then you can easily break it off. My bitch loves these snacks even though they smell very strongly of herbs. I don't yet know how they affect the skin, fur and digestion in the long term. They have only been giving for a week. But have a good feeling and will report again!

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thank Minny & Maxi!

My two girls, Chi-Akita-Mix and shepherd-dachshund mix, both weighing around 8 kg, love their Hokamix. For my "little mouth" I chop up the "roll", the shepherd mix chews twice ... then the roll is gone :-) I've been feeding it for about 2 years and I'm very satisfied. No more long hair changes, no more scratching or dandruff. Even with diarrhea, we have no longer had any worries since the supplementary feeding. Good coat, good skin, the price is justified.

Good product

I've been using it on my Salukis for 25 years. You will get it from the 6th month. As an adult, one roll 3 times a day. I'm super satisfied because I can do without other additives.


My dog ​​(23 kg) loves it and tolerates it well, gets two pieces a day, snack is a good size for medium-sized dogs. We are happy with it.

nothing for my bitch

Find the treats too big. My Aussie doesn’t eat everything and unfortunately neither does these treats. It’s a shame, although she really likes chicken.