Can I use BrowserStack to test selenium

Selenium Tutorial: How to Use the Cross-Browser Testing Framework

from selenium import webdriver from selenium.webdriver.common.keys import Keys First, the WebDriver module is loaded to implement the classes and methods for supporting the various browsers. Immediately afterwards, the script loads the setup for the virtual keyboard in order to be able to simulate keyboard inputs later. driver = webdriver.Firefox () driver.implicitly_wait (30) driver.maximize_window () In the second step, a Firefox instance is created that can later be controlled with Selenium commands. A timeout of 30 seconds is provided for starting the browser, and the browser window should also be maximized. driver.get ("") Now the script calls up the German-language Google page, which here serves as the basis for the automated user interactions. search_field = driver.find_element_by_id ("lst-ib") search_field.clear () If the search engine is called, the script looks for the text box of the Google search, which is identified by the ID attribute "lst-ib". Once localized, the search box is first cleared using the clear () method. search_field.send_keys ("search term") search_field.submit () This is followed by the input of the text "Search term" and its confirmation via the submit () method. lists = driver.find_elements_by_class_name ("_ Rm") The individual search results are listed below as elements. So that they can be controlled by the find_elements_by_class_name method, this is introduced at this point in the script. i = 0 for listitem in lists: print (listitem.get_attribute ("innerHTML")) i = i + 1 if (i> 10): break In the last active step, the script reproduces the list of hits, whereby it is limited to the first ten entries with an tag. driver.quit () The final line of code ensures that the browser instance is closed again.