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Richie's secret in "ES 2": R + D explained

Warning, this text contains spoilers for "ES Chapter 2"!

One of the biggest differences between Stephen King's novel “Es” and the two-part film adaptation “ES” and “ES 2”: In the second film, all six surviving losers develop more clearly and their personal conflict culminates in the final fight against Pennywise .

This also includes that the grown-up Richie (Bill Hader) wrestles with the fact that he is secretly in love with his childhood friend Eddie (James Ransone). Here the filmmakers Andy and Barbara Muschietti decided to focus on the subtle mutual attraction between Eddie and Richie, which can be read out from various details in King's book, and to make it a central conflict.

Interestingly, King revealed Vanity Fairthat it was by no means his intention to suggest romantic feelings between Eddie and Richie. However, every literature student knows that the author's intention does not have to count when interpreting a text - and King himself even likes the change: "That's one of those things that's pretty awesome because it's kind of an echo of the beginning. The circle closes.

King plays with that, of course the brutal attack on Adrian Mellon by a group of homophobic thugs with whom both the book (here it is the second chapter) and "ES 2" (one of the best scenes in the film) begin. "After all, love was involved. There's someone who cares about Eddie. And that's an echo of the love Adrian's partner feels for him. That was cool."Said King.

Unfortunately, Richie and Eddie are not granted a future together in "ES 2", as Eddie dies fighting it. Richie can't even confess his feelings to his childhood friend, but at least we see in one of the last scenes of "ES 2", how Richie carves his and Eddie's initials into the guardrail of a bridge: R + E.

He apparently already did that as a teenager, because we can already see the faded letters there. But the assumption is obvious that after the events of "ES 2" and the development of his character, Richie should now stand by his sexual identityrather than using a macho comedian persona as a shield.

"ES Chapter 2" has been in German cinemas since September 5, 2019.

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