What is a realistic camera lens

Camera lens mug

Unusual mug for a good start to the day

Do you like to have a coffee or tea in the morning? What do you think of spicing up your morning ritual a bit? With the camera lens mug you're already starting out of the ordinary into the new day. The mug is suitable for everyone who likes it a little more special not just for photographers and photography fans.

Product features
Product typeCamera lens mug
SpecialtyHeat insulation

In addition, the mug comes with a cover fitted. So you can take it with you everywhere without your drink spilling out. Even when transporting it in the car cup holder, you don't have to worry that your coffee will be distributed throughout your car. thanks to the Heat insulation Function, this stays warm until you arrive at work. You can of course also use it as a money box or pen holder. There are no limits to your imagination. He's also the perfect one Gift idea, because everyone will be happy about this unusual mug.

With this camera lens mug you can enjoy your morning hot drink in a whole new way.