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Burning eyes: tips for working on the screen

Those who work too long at the screen know this: at some point their eyes start to itch and sting. A feeling of dryness develops, sometimes accompanied by pressure pain and reddening of the conjunctiva. But the opposite can also happen with Burning eyes happen: the eyes begin to water. Not a good sign! Because this is what the eyes usually signal: I am overworked. If you ignore this, you run the risk of a headache and that your eyesight will deteriorate ...

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8 eye exercises for burning eyes

According to some studies, up to 70 percent of all VDU workers repeatedly complain of sore eyes. This can be harmless to some extent, or it can be due to poorly ventilated and poorly air-conditioned offices. However, it usually only becomes problematic when the eye complaints occur more frequently or even become chronic. Then you should definitely consult an ophthalmologist. After all, veritable conjunctivitis could also be the cause - and that is not to be trifled with.

Burning eyes is also easy for those who sit in front of the screen for hours, read small text or constantly switch between any work windows on the PC until their pupils flicker. The reason for this is often very simple: stare. Because we concentrate so much on the screen, our eyes stay open longer or the lids close less often. Effect: the eyes are less well supplied with tear fluid.

But drafts can also dry out the eyes to a greater extent. Make sure that you are not sitting in the direct wind direction of a fan, in extreme cases this can even lead to eye infections.

In order not to let it get that far in the first place, you can take preventive measures with just a few simple steps and home remedies. So here are a few ...

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Tips and home remedies for burning eyes

  • Blink. If staring is the cause of your dry, stinging eyes, simply blinking will help. Do this a few times in quick succession, as if you were making your colleague's eyes beautiful. This will moisten the protective film on the eye again. Free of charge and an instant trick.
  • Dirt. Dirty and dusty screens blur any picture. Consequence: the eye has to work harder to focus. So clean your screen regularly - including the annoying grease stains on tablet PCs and smartphones.
  • Light. Make sure that the lighting conditions are favorable. The workplace should be evenly illuminated and no direct light should shine on the screen. Avoid irritating reflections in them, which are extremely straining on the eye. In a pinch, matting film for the screen can help. And in the evening, the screen shouldn't be the brightest light source in the room. So turn on at least one more lamp.
  • Resolution. Help the eye by making texts bigger. This is very easy on the browser with the key combination CTRL and "+". With CTRL and "-" you can also reduce the image again and with CTRL and "0" you can set the display normal back.
  • Distance. Maintain a distance of at least 50 centimeters from the screen. And for ergonomic reasons, the upper edge of the screen should always be at eye level. A little higher is not bad, but please not lower.
  • Deflection. Give your eyes a little break every 20 minutes or so. Briefly (10 seconds is enough) and consciously or look away from the screen. For example out of the window or look at your colleague. You can then refocus the screen again.
  • Eye drop. If you notice stinging eyes more often, for example because the air conditioning is set incorrectly, you can also buy a few eye drops at any pharmacy (but you should also report this to the boss). The drops are good for moisturizing the eye on a regular basis. But don't let your eyes whiten your red eyes, they actually only make your eyes whiter.
  • Blindfold. A proven home remedy for sore eyes is also sage tea (not chamomile, which tends to dry out). Make a brew with a few sage leaves, let the infusion steep for ten minutes, cool a little and then soak a cloth with it, which you put on your closed eyes for about ten minutes. This immediately relaxes the eyes and gives them new moisture.

Screen work: more monitors make you more productive

The more screens, the more productive. What sounds like the justification of a technology nerd is the result of a study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO). 67 test persons took part in the tests and first had to solve typical tasks on a 19-inch monitor. Then they divided the researchers into groups: the first remained seated at the 19-inch monitor, the second was upgraded to a 22-inch widescreen monitor, and the third group was placed at a workstation with three 19-inch monitors. that were interconnected. Result: Group 1 was able to increase productivity by 1.9 percent (the researchers suspect a learning effect here), while Group 2 increased performance by a whole 8.4 percent. The winners of the contest, however, were the participants in group 3: They improved their performance by an impressive 35.5 percent. Or as the Fraunhofer scientists summarize it: For knowledge workers, larger screens can result in huge gains in productivity.

Other useful eye exercises for everyday life

  • Finger exercise.

    Hold your index finger about eight inches from your eyes and focus solely on the fingertip. Now draw the ABC in block letters with your finger and follow these movements with your eyes. With the eye exercise, you also train the eye muscles.

  • Palming.

    First, the palms of the hands are rubbed together until they radiate a pleasant warmth. Now place the warm palms of the hands on the closed eyes - but arched so that they do not touch the eyelids. So wait two to three minutes and try to relax.

  • Accomodate.

    Sounds complicated, but it isn't: To do this, first hold your right hand in front of your right eye. Hold your left hand in front of your left eye with your arm outstretched. Now fix the palms of your hands. Then slowly move your hand closer and closer to the eye and continue to try to fix the palms of the hands until the hand covers the eye. Now repeat the process backwards - hand again away from the eye and fix. Then do the exercise with your right eye.

  • Eye massage.

    Of course, you shouldn't massage the eyes yourself to do this - it doesn't help at all - but rather the area around the eyes. Close this to do this. Then grasp the bridge of your nose with your thumb and middle finger. A little kneading already brings relief. Then add your index finger, which works with acupressure on the point between the eyebrows. What also works: Make gentle (!) Rolling movements around your closed eyes with your index and middle fingers.

PS: However, workers over the age of 40 should also consider another cause: with age, eyesight decreases and the eyes become more sensitive to light. Incorrect lighting conditions then strain the eyes even more. And it could simply be that you slowly need (reading) glasses.

I know what I'm talking about. Burning eyes and red eyes from constantly working on touchscreens and laptops were also my problem recently. The solution: a modern nose bike ...

Online eye test

The following Online eye test can of course not replace an eye examination by a trained ophthalmologist or optician. Shouldn't he, either, just give hints as to whether you should visit them soon ...

This is how the eye test works:

  • Stand about four meters away from the monitor.
  • Cover one eye at a time with your hand.
  • Please do not blink your open eye or this pinching.
  • Then read the letters out loud line by line - sometimes with your left eye, sometimes with your right eye.

If you had problems with a few letters, this could be an indication of a myopia and astigmatism (commonly known as astigmatism). Unfortunately, farsightedness cannot be tested in this way. More eye tests can be found here.

Bonus: an eye test to make you smile

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