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The 50 most beautiful classic cars of all time

We love classics! And with each passing year, more cars are becoming oldtimers, receiving H license plates and increasing attention from classic enthusiasts. You will then be spared the grueling everyday work, the grueling commuter service, and in winter driving over salted roads. Which cars deserve heated parking spaces and expensive maintenance for little mileage? Which ones to be restored beyond their sales value? Not every car over 30 years old, that much is clear. When dealing with dream classics on a daily basis, the AUTO BILD KLASSIK team can agree on 50 cars that are worth all the effort. For whom it is worth increasing and maintaining their aging technology. Those who are worth getting their hands dirty in the screwdriver hall, even when the sun is shining outside. For which you sometimes give up the last shirt. And all of this for the one car that we love - or want to love with all our might.

For many, one of the most beautiful BMWs, dream cars of the 80s! BMW M5 (E28).

WE know it, and YOU know it too: The vast majority of today's cars are smart companions in everyday life, but in our eyes they lack character. They don't evoke the same feelings as these 50 classics that we think should be loved. Which definitely include Jaguar E-Type, Land Rover or MercedesW 116. See 50 great classics in the gallery - for life or just to dream.