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Barcelona is a fantastic, ingenious, innovative, creative city - and it is also the meeting point as well ingenious pickpockets from all over the world. They measure themselves there in their "art". And the elite of the guild is well networked and exchanges their latest tricks. But there are also - often no less talented - thieves and robbers who have to come out of sheer need for money and valuables. They often get down to business in a rougher way. Tip: After major events in / at the exhibition center Plaza d'Espana, or late in the evening after the fountain games there, extreme (!!) caution is advised on the way to the metro. I was very lucky when we were recently shortly before the barrier of the subway platform. A heavy bump in my back - in the middle of the crowd on the stairs. A giant of a man pulls up my right hand. His buddy, small, stocky, in a neat black double-breasted suit (!), (As I saw later) grabs my wallet, which I do front right in the pocket wore. That was really unabashed by the boys, because there were at least six security people standing there, whom I called with "ajuta", for "help". After a very short hunt, they caught the duo. The smart toddler in a suit had previously dropped my wallet.
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Age 56-60

Caution theft

You should be very careful with your valuables in the city. Secure bags and purses particularly well, never leave a bag in the restaurant. Particular caution is required when they are spoken to and that happens quite often on the Rambla. Body contact always goes in the direction of theft. Young women in particular speak to men on the Rambla in the evening and like to openly attack erogenous zones, but at the same time they try to reach into their pockets and look for the ... read on

Age 56-60

Beware of pickpockets

My digital camera, which I kept in a camera bag attached to my belt, was stolen from me. Presumably it happened in the crowd when boarding the metro. The next time I put a cocked mousetrap in the photo bag. Never put your wallet in your back pocket either, because Barcelona is teeming with pickpockets. Continue reading

Age 56-60

Pickpocket trick 'bird shit'

The pickpocket throws wet sand (or earth) at a couple from behind on a street that is not very busy at the time, alerts passers-by that a 'big bird' has stained their clothes and immediately helps with a bottle of water and speed handkerchiefs Remove dirt. He does it so skillfully that the stealing of valuables, in this case the wallet from his trouser pocket, is only noticed after the thief is quickly removed. That's how it happened ... read on

Age 61-65

Beware of pickpockets

In Barcelona the pickpockets are masters of their trade. I was relieved of my driver's license without my noticing anything. At Placa Catalunya there is a police station that is exclusively responsible for reports of theft or robberies. With an interpreter and free phone to the embassies and credit card companies. Do not carry money or any purses in your back pockets (for men). For women, always keep the handbag closed and your hand on it. Continue reading

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