It's fun to be an entertainer

entertainer personality

I am selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, get out of control, and sometimes I am difficult for others to deal with. However, if you can't handle me in my worst mood, you don't deserve me in my best either.

Marilyn Monroe

People with the personality type of entertainer are able to spontaneously set off cheers and hustle and bustle and get everyone to join in. Entertainers are captivated by the euphoria of the moment and transfer their enthusiasm to others. No other personality type spends more time and energy inspiring others and does so with such adorable style.

We are all stars ...

Entertainers are born entertainers. They love the spotlight and the whole world is a stage for them. Many famous actors are of the entertainer personality type. They enjoy staging a show for their friends too. They chat in a witty and entertaining manner, are always the center of attention and have the talent to turn every outing into a party. Entertainers are extremely easy to work with and enjoy the simplest things. You like to spend a lot of time having fun with a group of good friends.

This is not just about conversations, because of all personality types, entertainers have the strongest sense of aesthetics. Entertainers have an eye for fashion and elegance, and value personal hygiene, clothing and stylish interiors. Entertainers have an unmistakable sense of beauty and like to adapt their surroundings to their personal style. Entertainers are curious by birth and are familiar with exploring new designs and styles.

Although entertainers like to be the center of attention, they don't lose sight of other people. They are very attentive and respect other people's feelings. Entertainers are very helpful to people who want to speak out about a difficult problem and are happy to provide emotional support and practical advice. However, when the problem has to do with themselves, entertainers are more likely to dodge a conflict and avoid it altogether. Entertainers tend to love a little drama and passion, unless they are the target of criticism themselves.

... and we deserve to sparkle

The hardest problem for entertainers is that they focus too much on the joys of the moment, forgetting about the duties and responsibilities that make these luxuries possible. Complex analyzes, repetitive work and comparing statistics with real consequences are no easy tasks for them. Entertainers tend to rely on luck or opportunity and seek help from their numerous friends when they are in difficulty. Entertainers need to learn to control themselves and watch out for long-term issues like their retirement plans or their sugar intake. You have to understand that there won't always be someone else there to keep an eye on these things for you.

Entertainers have a sense of value and quality, which in principle is a good quality. However, when combined with their lack of foresight, this can lead them to live beyond their means and credit cards are particularly dangerous for them. Entertainers are more inclined to seize opportunities spontaneously than to plan for the long term. They can easily find themselves in a situation where their lack of foresight has made their lifestyle unaffordable.

Nothing makes entertainers more unhappy than realizing that they are under the compulsion of adverse circumstances and unable to join their friends.

Entertainers are welcome wherever there is a need for fun and entertainment and a volunteer who wants to try some new practical jokes. For the entertainer, there is no greater joy than including everyone else in the pleasure. Entertainers can chat for hours, deviating from the topic they wanted to talk about. In good times and bad, they give emotional support to the people in their circle of friends. As long as they keep their life in order, they will be able to enjoy all the new and exciting things the world has to offer while being accompanied by their friends.