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Hindi - word for word: gibberish phrasebook from Reise Know-How

The speaking guides of the gibberish series are based on typical everyday travel and convey the necessary tools in a stimulating way to be able to start speaking as quickly as possible without annoying buffaloes, even if not always ready for printing. The word-for-word translation is particularly helpful here, as it makes it possible to see through the structure and "way of thinking" of the respective language at a glance. This has happened to me countless times in India: the taxi drivers did not try to rip me off, the bazaar traders sold me their goods at local prices, the waiters served me with exquisite courtesy, and I was willingly let in in long queues. All because I spoke Hindi, which most Indians use. Well, I could have progressed differently in the queue: there is an ordinance in the Indian state of Rajasthan that says that anyone who has been sterilized in the course of family planning can move up to the top of each queue. To be honest - I preferred the Hindi route. And the Hindi is not as difficult as it may appear due to its lively, alien characters. On my travels through India, one thing always struck me: if I spoke English, I was respected as a Sahib from far-away Europe, which was very good when I had to fight my way through dangerous situations. If, on the other hand, I spoke Hindi, my faces opened up in a big smile and I was accepted as a "dost" (friend)! Audio material sold separately.

Rainer Krack, born in '52, works as a freelance journalist, mainly in Asia. On 19 trips through India, he was able to experience the country and its people up close. His main interest is in the forgotten, hidden flourishing cults of Hinduism, and not least because of his knowledge of the language he has been able to take part in cult festivals and rites that are otherwise denied to Westerners. For REISE KNOW-HOW Verlag he has also written the books "KulturSchock India", "KulturSchock Mumbay", "KulturSchock Thailand" and a number of travel guides on Thailand, Nepal and Sri Lanka. In the Kauderwelsch series, the title "Hindi Slang - das Andere Hindi" (Kauderwelsch Volume 219, ISBN 978-3-89416-388-4), written together with Daniel Krasa, was published.