Do you sleep deeply while you snore?

Sleep well! What happens in our body when we sleep

Sleep well! ➤ What happens in our body when we sleep

While you sleep, does your body do absolutely nothing? Even if it may seem like that to us - when we are asleep we are not in “stand-by mode” at all. Today we will show you what goes on in our body during sleep and which sleep phases we go through. We also list the most common sleeping positions - you might even recognize yourself in one of them 😉


Good to know:
8 hours - that's how much we should sleep at least per night, according to experts.


During sleep, our body goes through these 5 phases of sleep:

1. Fall asleep

2. Light sleep phase

3rd & 4th deep sleep phase

5. REM sleep phase


1. Fall asleep

In the sleep phase, our body comes to rest and relaxes - it prepares for the upcoming sleep.

Exercise in the late evening ...?
This is not for everyone as the body is still in "motion mode". Many people find it difficult to fall asleep.


 2. Light sleep phase

As soon as the sleep phase is over, the light sleep phase begins. Our body is at rest and completely relaxed. Breathing becomes more even and the heartbeat adapts to it. Our body temperature also drops as a result of less physical activity. The light sleep phase can make up half of the night's rest.

16 ° C to 18 ° C
According to experts, we sleep best at this temperature.


3. & 4.Deep sleep

In these two phases our body recovers from the physical and mental exertions of the day. During deep sleep, our cells regenerate and our immune system is strengthened.

This is the phase ...
... in which many people sleepwalk or talk.


5. REM sleep phase

In the so-called REM sleep phase, our brain is supplied with more energy again, but the rest of the body remains in a state of rest. The brain is more active here and we process experiences and emotions - this is the phase in which we dream.

REM ...
... stands for "Rapid Eye Movement". During this phase, our eyes move very quickly behind the closed lids.


Which sleeping positions are there?

The respective position plays a major role when sleeping - this often has a major impact on the quality of sleep. You probably even recognize yourself in one of the following positions:

The side sleeper in embryo position

This position is especially popular with pregnant women and snorers.
This is what the position can say about you: Side sleepers are said to be vulnerable, creative and emotional.

The side sleeper in semi-embryo position

This sleeping position is considered optimal. More than 60% of people sleep in the semi-embryo position.
This is what the position can say about you: Anyone who sleeps on their sides with their legs slightly bent should be balanced, spontaneous and willing to compromise.

The stomach sleeper

Sleeping on the stomach is supposed to aid digestion, but put a lot of strain on the spine.
This is what the position can say about you: Belly sleepers are considered perfectionist, orderly, persistent and ambitious.

The back sleeper

Sleeping on your back optimally relieves the spine and neck. However, you should only sleep like this if you are not snoring.
This is what the position can say about you: Back sleepers are said to be confident, open, extroverted and somewhat self-centered.



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