What is everyone's view of soul mates

Before everyone's premiere: Little eroticism, lots of depth

Hugo von Hoffmansthal Jedermann is a firm starter in the festival summer. Sunday evening is the premiere of the slightly modified production by director Michael Sturminger. He renounced eroticism this year, instead the rich man and the passionate are soul mates.

Tobias Moretti has been playing the rich man since last year, Stefanie Reinsperger is his passion. Director Michael Sturminger revised his production from the previous year and the music is also new. The Tyrolean composer Wolfgang Mitterer used live music and electronics to bring out the mood of the piece.

Everyone and fanatics as soul mates

This year, new aspects also shape the relationship between everyone and their passion: Tobias Moretti and Stefanie Reinsperger show little eroticism, rather they are connected by kinship. “Do you have such a look for me - deep down into my inner self? Doesn't the money alone make the man? ”The rich man asks his passion. "You hurt me with this speech because I see you with my heart," countered Stefanie Reinsperger.

Director wanted to keep the staging fresh

Director Michael Sturminger wants to keep his Jedermann staging fresh and deliberately insisted that the Hugo von Hoffmansthal play arrives in the present. "Many thousands of people come here every year, that is very important and I also think it's a great thing to continue working on a production and to think it further," said director Sturminger.

A lush dress and glitter for the woo

Buhlschaft Stefanie Reinsperger appears in this year's "Jedermann" first behind a sweeping, burgundy, lush robe - a game with the great glow of the baroque. During the dinner party, she wears a very elegant black dress with a translucent coat - both dresses with lots of glitter effects. Stefanie Reinsperger plays an elegant woman, no longer a doll.