What are the websites for url bookmarks

Interactive bookmarks

With an interactive bookmark, you can Create a short link from any website with just one click.

All you have to do is go to a webpage and click the bookmark. The short URL to the accessed website will then be displayed immediately. This means that you no longer need to call up ogy.de to quickly generate a short link.
Tip: If you use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Microsoft Edge, you should use our browser add-on "URL Shorter" instead of an interactive bookmark in order to create short links quickly and easily. This offers you even more convenience than an interactive bookmark.

Choose an interactive bookmark!

Drag one of the following three bookmarks with the mouse into the favorites bar of your browser!

This bookmark creates a simple short link: ogy

This bookmark creates a short link with a no-referrer function: ogy

And this bookmark comes in handy when you always want to have access to advanced settings. It loads the ogy.de website in a new browser tab. The URL of the currently active website is then already in the form. ogy

Questions or Problems?
  • In order for the bookmarks to work, JavaScript must be activated in the browser.
  • If your browser does not allow you to drag one of the bookmarks into the bookmarks bar with the mouse, right-click the link and see if there is an option to add the link to the bookmarks (Bookmarks ) or add favorites.
  • In some browsers (e.g. in Opera and Google Chrome) it is not possible to create short links directly if you have accessed a website that is protected by SSL / TLS (the address then begins with 'https: //'). In this case, when you click on the interactive bookmark, a short link is not created directly, but a new browser tab opens with the ogy.de website. The URL of the previously accessed website is then already entered in the short link form. All you have to do is click the "Shorten!" Button to generate your short URL. (Please also note that some browsers recognize the new tab as a 'pop-up' and only show it if you agree.)
  • If the interactive bookmark does not work on individual websites, this may be because you have installed an ad blocker plug-in in your browser (e.g. Adblock Plus or uBlock Origin). Unfortunately, such plug-ins sometimes have a tendency to block requests that do not refer to advertisements. The problem can be solved by deactivating the ad blocker on the respective page.
  • If nothing happens in your browser when you click the bookmark, please send an email with the following information to contact [at] short links [dot] de: Your operating system, the browser you are using (if possible with the version information) and the URL called up.