What is craftsmanship

An internationally recognized style

In ancient Greece, the meaning of handicraft was expressed by the word "technè", which comprised the two terms art and craft in one word. For the Zoffoli brand, craftsmanship means not only craftsmanship and attention to detail, but also the use of valuable materials. In our workshops, craftsmanship is paired with a continuous pursuit of aesthetics and style, thanks to which Zoffoli products have been recognized and valued at international level for years.

The "Tornio d'Oro" award: the beginning of a success that continues to this day

The Rimini-based company has therefore never deviated from its original nature: in the middle of the last century, Italo Zoffoli founded a small but promising handicraft company that produced the first classic globes with a modest and rudimentary lathe and gradually gained the cooperation of many experienced ones Craftsmen could secure. The craftsmanship, vision and style of Italo did not go unnoticed, so that in 1963 his company received the important "Tornio d'Oro" prize, awarded by the Milan Museum of Science and Technology as an award for the best in woodworking. What attracted the attention and applause of the jury was the company's unmistakable product, the "barglobu", a piece of furniture that Zoffoli already presented not only in Italian but also in international showcases.

The craftsmanship

Then as now, the Zoffoli globes are made in Italy with the greatest care, starting with a careful selection of raw materials. For the best results, some of the work continues to be done and decorated by hand. So every globe is unique, just like that of Italo Zoffoli in the fifties and sixties. The secret that allows this company to maintain its craftsmanship is to never see new technology as a target, but always solely as tools with which to further refine their art. The craftsmanship is therefore always central, and this is true of the many globes that continue to emerge from the workshops of this fascinating Italian company.

Still unique globes

Special techniques, ancient knowledge, ideas and secrets were passed on from father to son to make our products more and more fascinating and unique from the ground up.