How do I stay safe when I go alone

7 tips on how to leave your dog alone

6. Create a boundary when your dog is alone

Sometimes it can make it easier for a dog to be alone if you limit the space he is in. In contrast to being alone in the entire apartment or house, he then feels less lost. Do you have a large kitchen or living room in which the dog feels comfortable and has enough space, or a floor on which he particularly likes to be? Find a location that is suitable and limit your dog's freedom of movement. This can also be helpful if your dog has a tendency to nibble or mess things up in your absence: you don't have to put away as much and it is easier to see if something dangerous is within your dog's reach.

7. Trust your dog

Are you out and about and in the meantime has your dog nibbled on the kitchen towels or eaten the lipstick? This is a problem with young dogs in particular: Out of boredom, they start to tear apart the apartment. The good news is: Almost all dogs learn by themselves and through training with you in everyday life what to do and what not to do. Your dog becomes part of your family, has to learn what is important and right - and that takes time. In general, dogs are extremely cooperative creatures that want to be part of your pack. Have confidence, be patient, and take the time it takes. And if you feel that you are overwhelmed: do not hesitate to get help!

With patience and forbearance, you will get your dog used to being alone at home in the long term. See what you and your dog need and what tips work for your dog, because these preferences can sometimes be as different as the characters among dogs. This is how relaxed coexistence works!