How many years will Michael Cohen get

Trump's ex-lawyer is arrested : Michael Cohen promises new revelations

The longtime attorney for US President Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, has started his imprisonment - and shortly beforehand announced the disclosure of further inside information. "There is still a lot to report. And I'm looking forward to the day when I can tell the truth," said the 52-year-old on Monday when leaving his residence in Manhattan in New York. A few hours later, he arrived at Otisville, New York State Jail, to begin his three-year sentence

A New York court had convicted Cohen in December of tax and financial crimes and false testimony. Cohen committed most of the crimes in connection with his previous work for Trump and his group.

Cohen, who is now at war with the president, had put Trump under pressure with a series of statements since last year. Among other things, it was about the hush money payments to two alleged former sex partners of Trump during the 2016 election campaign as well as the project of a skyscraper in Moscow that was pursued by the Trump company until mid-2016 and then abandoned.

The several months postponement of his imprisonment enabled Cohen to testify in front of Congress on his allegations against Trump. In a dramatic hearing at the end of February, he accused his former boss of various legal violations and habitual lying. He described Trump as "racists, fraudsters and swindlers".

Hope to the last

Now Cohen said he hoped that by the end of his sentence the country would no longer be dominated by "xenophobia, injustice and lies".

His attorney Lanny Davis said Cohen was the victim of "selective law enforcement and disproportionate punishment". He will continue to support the investigation against Trump.

The White House did not comment on Cohen's arrival on Monday. Trump Corporation Vice President George Sorial, on the other hand, described Cohen as a poorly skilled lawyer in an article for the Wall Street Journal. He was not trusted to head his own department in the Trump Organization. He "wasn't good enough to be given real control".

Cohen had hoped until the last moment his sentence could be reduced because of his willingness to cooperate with investigators. Since his lawyer license has since been revoked and his finances are tight, he thinks about publishing a book or processing his story in a film. (AFP)

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