Are there online courses for CA.

Free Online Courses: How To Find The Best Free Courses!

Online lectures from universities: always free!

In addition to the MOOCs from the list above, there are many freely accessible online lectures from universities.

The difference: These are different from the MOOCs without exams, without discussion forums and without certificates. Besides, the Video quality not always optimal due to the live recording.

But you are always free accessible.

Important universities with free video lectures include:

You can find all online lectures here. There you can also filter by subject area.

And of course you can too complete online study complete with an academic degree (but only for a fee). See our overview: "The top providers for online studies".

"Programming" - example for a free computer science lecture (without exam / support / certificate):

Then why pay for online courses at all?

In addition to the free options mentioned (MOOCs and online lectures), there are of course also many online courses that only for a fee are accessible. At least that Certificate variant of the MOOCs also costs something. And large providers such as Lecturio and Udemy even offer almost exclusively paid courses.

Why do many online learners choose this despite the free options?

These 5 important reasons are often mentioned:

  1. Certificates: Many online learners want a certificate of attendance with proof of identity for their learning successes - either for themselves or for applications (see also: "What do the certificates bring?").
  2. Quality of the content: In contrast to lecture recordings or YouTube videos, the (paid) video courses specially created for online learning are of better quality. Sound and image are optimized, they are also didactically well thought out and show content from respected universities and experienced lecturers. So you spend the precious learning time with high-quality content and not with videos of unknown quality.
  3. Full course experience: In contrast to simply watching videos, you can learn just as well with complete online courses as with face-to-face courses. In addition to the certificate, this also includes the possibility of interaction or further support. The course provider Udacity, for example, offers additional career support for graduates for its fee-based Nanodegree courses.
  4. Motivation: Experience shows that if you work towards a certificate for a fee, you stay with it longer. The chances of successfully completing the course increase.
  5. Moderate prices: A multi-week video course (MOOC) from a top international university, including online interaction, examination and a final course certificate, is often available for less than EUR 50. This is significantly cheaper compared to face-to-face courses.

And what do the certificates and payment courses cost?

Depending on Provider, course content and duration the prices for paid online courses and for the additional certificates of the free courses differ.

As an approximate guide, you can use just under 50 EUR for a single MOOC certificate and around 50 EUR / month for paid courses.

Some selected examples (please always check the current course conditions!):

  • At Coursera the certificates (which can be booked on a voluntary basis) for individual MOOCs cost around EUR 50-100. The longer course series (Specializations) are often available for around 45 EUR / month (with a 7-day free trial period).
  • The edX certificates (optional) are often also available for around 50-100 EUR. Longer series of courses can cost a few hundred euros.
  • A qualified certificate at openHPI costs 60 EUR fee.
  • FutureLearn often requires around 60 GPB (around 70 EUR) for an upgrade with a certificate.
  • At iversity Certificates of attendance are available from around EUR 30 on request.
  • Anyone taking a paid online course at Udemyhas to pay between EUR 10 and just under EUR 100 (depending on the course). The courses differ greatly in scope.
  • Udacity demands several hundred EUR for his nanodegrees (full-fledged training courses on a topic).
  • At Lecturio the price range is again quite large: between around 10 and 50 EUR / month are due for most payment courses.

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