Where did Akon disappear

The world of dragons (Atlan novel)

Brief summary

Raimanja escaped her aconian guards on Perpandron. Her escape leads her to a ruined city, where she threatens to fall into the hands of a cyclops. A spiritual being called ANTE can manifest itself from the future with the help of Atlan's consciousness and drive the Cyclops away. ANTE says he is the last living resident of SQUARAS. The rest of his people left the planet after fighting a renegade dictator from among their own people. He was left frozen in a block of pyonite. ANTE advises Raimanja to go to Amalek and seek protection for the blacks. But she should avoid the winged (meaning the winged robots in the city, not the dragons).

She watches an aconical glider senselessly attack a swarm of dragons. She shoots the glider impulsively. Fearing Akonian retribution, she follows an injured dragon boy into an underground passage. After hours of wandering around, she finds the dragon boy at a cave lake and treats it. It turns out to be intelligent and is called Xypldlmaklollmnt, but Raimanja simply calls it Vritra. Vritra leads Raimanja to the Hall of the Blind Mirrors, through which one can step to get to various places, including Amalek. Amalek is the crooked city built by the hunted who fled a snake. Atlan is known from his presence as the place where he found Akon-Akon.

Before the approaching Akonen, she escapes through a mirror into the treasury of Amalek, where she is attacked by the degenerate descendants of a guard of Cyclops. The Akons, led by Orthrek, save them and decide to set up a sleeping place for Akon-Akon in the hall. As a precaution, they destroy the blind mirrors and artificially age the ruins to camouflage themselves.

Akon-Akon is born eight months later. While sleeping in a mentor crystal, he is supposed to learn everything. The mother's proximity is considered helpful, so Raimanja is left with some equipment at the town. The aconian ship is destroyed shortly after takeoff by sabotage carried out by Raimanja, so that the Akons never find out about Akon-Akon. Raimanja can get Akon-Akon out of the mentor crystal. Only the three Akons Perc von Aronthe, Tekla von Khom and Orthrek survive the destruction of their ship and strand with Raimanja on Perpandron. Akon-Akon's influence ensures that the Akons live peacefully with Raimanja. Orthrek even becomes Raimanja's companion.

Six years later, Perc von Aronthe is killed by a big cat. Vritra warns of another and tells Raimanja that his people are dying out because they lack the will to live after the Akons destroyed the Blind Mirrors. Tekla from Khom disappears without a trace.

When Akon-Akon was 14 years old, he wanted to visit the ruined city. A time capsule has appeared there that kills all life around it without disintegrating the remains. ANTE appears and explains that the time capsule is directed against his people, but has landed in the wrong time. He can push the time capsule into another time, but it will be used up in the process. Orthrek dares to get too close to the capsule and dies from the radiation.

When Akon-Akon was 18 years old, Raimanja examined an accumulation of black debris. She notices that Perpandron has repeatedly become the refuge of space travelers, but whose civilizations have, strangely enough, all perished. Raimanja is attacked by a giant snake and injured so badly that she dies in Akon-Akon's arms. He sees no sense in lonely life and looks for the aconical sleep crystal to wait for a visit in deep sleep.


Raimanja has arrived on Perpandron. After the manipulation of her unborn son by Akonian scientists and the Akons' declaration that their companion Caycon was killed by the shock waves of the transition of the mother ship while fleeing with a dinghy, she decides to flee. When the Akons are busy digging a pit in which the so-called sleep crystal is later to be embedded, the young arkonide sees the opportunity to come. She procures the necessary equipment and weapons and flees into the jungle to protect her son from the Akons' plans. She does not want to be abused for the invasion of Arkon.

In an abandoned city of a long-lost culture, she finds a green cube in a hall with an edge length of two meters, which, in contrast to its surroundings, is completely free of dust and dirt. A giant cyclops appears outside the hall. Raimanja seeks protection from the creature's gaze behind the cube.

Atlan, whose ghost is watching the scene, suddenly perceives a whisper. ANTE establishes mental contact with the Crystal Prince in order to be able to stand by Raimanja against the Cyclops. Atlan allows his mind to be absorbed by ANTE. The green cube releases ANTE into the hall.

Raimanja shrinks from the monstrous creature that has come out of the cube. At the same time, she becomes aware of the cyclops entering the hall. ANTE releases a jet of fire from his mouth and scorches the Cyclops' fur. The one-eyed man rushes into the open, roaring. ANTE offers Raimanja his help. He wants to watch over her. However, Raimanja is supposed to go to Amalek and place himself there under the protection of the blacks. Then ANTE disappears.

Raimanja spends the night in the ruined city. Kites perch on the walls. The large living beings seem to communicate with each other with whistling sounds. As the sun rises, an Akon glider appears. The crew opened fire on the kites with ray carbines. The Akons are wreaking havoc. Raimanja shoots the glider with her pulse needle. The vehicle crashes as a glowing heap of rubble.

Raimanja is looking for a suitable hiding place where she can hide from the approaching gliders who have located the energy output. In the thick bushes she discovers a wounded young dragon whom she calls Vritra. The dragon disappears into a cave entrance. Raimanja follows him. The apparently man-made corridor leads them gently downwards for hours. By chance, the Arkonidin sits down on a stone block that sinks into the floor and activates the opening mechanism of a hidden door in the side wall of the corridor. A three by four meter opening is formed and reveals a red stone slab that leads to a lake with crystal clear water. Before the opening can close again, Raimanja slips through. In the beam of light from her handheld spotlight, the arkonide sees the little kite lying motionless in the shallow water. Raimanja pulls the kite on dry ground and treats it with the help of her medobox. In addition, she sprays therapeutic plasma on the burn wounds on the flight skins. As the dragon slowly comes to, it hits the arkonidin with its tail to the ground. She ends up unconscious in the water. When she comes to, she realizes that the dragon has brought her ashore. He speaks to Raimanja in Lemu and reports on the hall of the blind mirrors through which one can get to Amalek.

In this hall, the two of them are attacked by a monstrous being, a black man. Raimanja kills the creature with her impulse eagle.

When Akon-Akon and the crew members of the ISCHTAR can be seen in one of the blind mirrors, Atlan senses that ANTE is planning to push Raimanja through the mirror so that she can get to the present time of the year 10,499 da Ark. The Crystal Prince fears a paradox of time and does not agree with ANTE's approach. This is enough to break the connection between Atlan's spirit and the fire being. While Atlan's consciousness remains tied to Raimanja, ANTE returns to his cube.

When one of the mirrors shows the treasury of Amalek, Raimanja and Vritra walk through the mirror. In the treasury of Amalek, Raimanja and Vritra are attacked by huge hairless cyclops dressed in shimmering gold armor and armed with lances, swords and shields. Raimanja defends herself with her impulse needle, but will not be able to withstand the Cyclops' ever narrowing ring of confinement for long. Suddenly men appear in combat suits. The Akons have found Raimaniah. The soldiers soon succeed in destroying the Cyclops. The arkonidin is protected from the heat in the hall by two Akons by bringing her to safety under their protective shields. Vritra has disappeared without a trace. Raimanja is brought back to the spaceship by Orthrek.

There she gives birth to her child. The boy is called "Caycon" by Raimanja, while Tekla by Khom and the Akons call him "Akon-Akon". Soon after the birth, the child is taken away from her. The scientist takes Raimanja with a glider over winding corridors to Amalek. The walls of the treasury have been leveled by the Akons, the protrusions have almost completely disappeared. The mentor crystal in which Caycon is located rises in the center of the hall. Raimanja goes crazy at the sight of him, is paralyzed by Orthrek with a special grip and brought on board the spaceship. There she wakes up early from her physical rigidity and goes to the engine rooms. Her knowledge of transition technology helps her to attach a previously stolen energy magazine of a blaster between the poles of the energy shock trigger.

A week later, Raimanja is taken to a small settlement built by the Akons, where she is supposed to live while Akon-Akon sleeps in his crystal. Then the spaceship starts. With a glider made available to her, Raimanja flies to the ruined city artificially aged by the Akons. She finds the entrance to Amalek. An energy screen throws the glider back and damages it. When Raimanja has recovered from this shock, she discovers that the energy screen has gone out. Antigrav fields installed by the Akons are activated and bring Raimanja safely into the depths. You reach a distribution hall into which six corridors lead. Three red points of light flare up and show the arkonidine the way to the mentor crystal at each following junction. An inner voice commands her to come closer. The glass tower goes out, the black base disappears into the floor and Raimanja can simply take her son out of the glass cube. She returns to the settlement, where she finds a disc-shaped dinghy. Orthrek, Perc von Aronthe and Tekla von Khom survived the destruction of their spaceship. Since the range of the dinghy is too short to reach an aconian colonial planet and the radio is too weak, the Akons have to put up with spending their retirement years on Perpandron, especially since nobody knows where the waking creature has been taken.

Six years later, Perc von Aronthe fell victim to a big cat while hunting. Raimanja and Orthrek are warned by Vritra about another big cat that is hiding in the crown of a ukalando tree. Raimanja shoots the predator with a blaster. In conversation with the now fully grown kite, Raimanja learns that the dragons will soon be extinct, because since the destruction of the blind mirror, his people only care there. Vritra says goodbye to Raimanja and takes to the skies. Tekla von Khom, who also took part in the hunt, has disappeared. Raimanja and Orthrek get closer, not least because of Akon-Akon's suggestive abilities, who ensures that any aggression between the Akons and the Arkonidin has disappeared. The Arkonidin now also names her son Akon-Akon. Raimanja and Orthrek find that star-shaped glowing symbols have formed on the boy's palms.

On his fourteenth birthday, Akon-Akon wishes to be brought to the ruined city where his mother first made contact with the dragons. Akon-Akon senses an impending danger from there. He wants to speak to ANTE. They find countless dead animals in the city. A strangely shaped vehicle is in the city. It resembles a tube shaped into a ring, to which an egg-shaped body has been anchored to struts. Quickly go to the green cube where ANTE is staying. Akon-Akon places his palms on the cube and inside the cube a constellation of reddish stars appears that slowly rotates. ANTE becomes visible and leaves the cube. He tries to push the time capsule into a time phase in which it cannot cause any damage. Despite urgent warning from ANTE, Orthrek wants to examine the time capsule. Raimanja tries to follow him, but cannot move. It is subject to Akon-Akon's influence. ANTE begins to shrink until it has completely disappeared. Orthrek returns to his companions. He seems to be suffering from a kind of delusional fever. Akon-Akon and Raimanja put him in the glider and fly back to the settlement at top speed. But any help comes too late for Orthrek. He died in the back seat of the vehicle.

Four years later, Raimanja examines the ruins of a former temple in the Black Jungle. It falls into a funnel-shaped hole in the ground. The walls are too smooth to climb up on. She lost her gun. A huge snake gropes its way into the hole with its forked tongue. Raimanja cuts off a good piece of the tongue with her vibrator knife. The snakehead with the fangs comes down on the arkonidine. Raimanja clutches the fangs and lets himself be pulled out of the hole. The small retaining teeth tear open the woman's skin. Raimanja swings onto the reptile's skull and from there jumps to the ground. She quickly picks up the pulse needle lying in the grass. The burst of energy shreds the snake's head. Raimanja collapses unconscious. So she finds Akon-Akon two hours later. The skin has discolored under the influence of the snake venom. Akon-Akon finds the Medobox next to the floor funnel. She was flattened by the reptile. Raimanja dies in the arms of her son. Akon-Akon buries his mother next to Orthrek and looks for the sleep crystal to survive the times until someone comes and wakes him.

Atlan's consciousness returns to the present time of the year 10,499 da Ark. Here he finds Fartuloon and all his companions who have survived the excursion into the past unscathed.