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Antonio Gramsci

On Antonio Gramsci's 120th birthday, we remember the great communist politician and Marxist theorist.

On January 23, 1891, the co-founder of the Italian Communist Party, Antonio Gramsci, was born in Ales, Sardinia. Gramsci's importance as a theorist is diverse. His concept of struggling for hegemony in civil society opened the way to thinking about a revolutionary change in developed capitalist societies beyond the “Marxism-Leninism” shaped by Stalin. In doing so, he created not only a basis for the development of the Italian Communist Party into a mass party, but also standards of democratic socialism.

Timeline of Antonio Gramsci's life

(23.1.2016) 1891 Antonio Gramsci was born in Ales (Cagliari) as the fourth of seven children. 1903 - 1905 After finishing elementary school in the summer of 1902, the family's economic difficulties forced him to work for two years in the Ghilarza land registry. He continues to learn in self-study. 1908 - 1911 After he became the middle r ...


Antonio Gramsci (January 22, 1891 - April 27, 1937)

(23.1.2016) Honoring Gramsci as theoretician in a short text is simply not possible. Hence only two thoughts about his special position. Event announcement: Crisis and Transformation of Capitalism - In Dialogue with Gramsci. Lecture and discussion with Walter Baier on February 3rd, 6.30 p.m. in Vienna Location: House of the KPÖ, Drechslergasse 42, 1140 Vienna Gramsci ...


Antonio Gramsci died 75 years ago

(April 27, 2012) On April 27, 1937, the great communist politician and theorist Antonio Gramsci, only forty-six years old, died in Rome. Texts about the co-founder of the Communist Party of Italy and to this day important thinkers can be found in the dossier z ...


Antonio Gramsci - personality, politics, theory

(18.1.2011) Antonio Gramsci - his personality, his political role and his theoretical legacy from today's point of view. .


Death of a bearer of hope

(17.1.2011) 50 years ago, perhaps the most radical and sincere fighter for the liberation of Africa from colonial rule, Patrice Lumumba, was murdered on behalf of Brussels and Washington. Patrice Lumumba was born on July 2, 1925 under the name T ...


To the Gramsci reception in the KPÖ ??

(13.1.2011) To emphasize the importance of Antonio Gramsci for the renewal of Marxist thought means today to carry owls to Athens. Today, Gramscis' main work in German, written in the fascist prison, lies in a critical overview ...


Searching for traces of the failure of socialism at Gramsci

(13.1.2011) For decades, an understanding of theory was decisive for the communist movement, which was largely shaped by Lenin's far too early death in the Stalin era and as Marxism-Leninism from a science to a quasi-religious ...


To Gramsci, Luxemburg and Althusser

(April 27, 2007) In 1932 two early classic texts were published, Karl Marx's “Economical-Philosophical Manuscripts from 1844” (Marx / Engels: 1968) and the joint work by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, “Die deutsche Ideology "(Mar ...


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