What is the best remote teaching platform

Online learning platforms in comparison | Advantages disadvantages

Anyone looking for online learning platforms will likely come across the market leader Moodle first. But there is a wide variety of learning management systems (LMS). Over time, our e-learning agency has tested the various providers. Discover our recommendations for companies, universities and institutions now.



To compare the LMS, we use many aspects:

  • How much does it cost to use?
  • How difficult is the system for laypeople to understand?
  • What functions are there?
  • Can you easily expand the learning platform?
  • Is data protection implemented?

Nevertheless, we do not make a general recommendation. Because: Your requirements are unique! We are happy to help you with the decision. Simply contact us for a no-obligation consultation.


The advantages of open source platforms

Nevertheless, we would like to give one single recommendation. As an e-learning agency, we generally work with freely accessible software. Why? Because this is the only way to be completely independent.

The features of an online learning platform - or your needs - can change quickly. However, with commercial contracts you are tied to the provider for a long time, the change is usually expensive and often not that easy to do.

You can get everything from a single source with a paid platform. You don't need any technical know-how. But that can also be done cheaper. New functions usually have to be programmed at great expense.

For the implementation of an open source solution, our agency relieves you of the effort required to adapt the system. Since you use open source variants at no cost, you can always get away with it cheaper. That is why we recommend medium-sized and small companies in particular to start online learning with an open source learning platform. The system can then grow with your requirements, because there are already easily adaptable solutions for this.


The most flexible online learning platform: Moodle

Advantages of Moodle

Moodle is the market leader among open source learning management systems. It is free to use. That is why the platform is trusted by millions of users worldwide. This is also the greatest advantage: Universities, software experts and hobby programmers develop thousands of useful functions and extensions. So there is guaranteed to be a plug-in that also implements your ideas.


Cons of Moodle

Like any open source LMS, the diversity might overwhelm you. That is why we offer two Moodle-based solutions that you can take over from scratch without any programming of your own.


Maximum flexibility: Lern.link-LMS

The lern.link-LMS is ideal for medium-sized companies. Because it combines the diversity of Moodle with easy handling, even with hundreds of employees. For example, you can adjust who is allowed to access which content.


For e-learning beginners: My LMS by Infoport

If you only use a few online courses, you can save money and gain an overview in many areas. With our My LMS, your employees can learn from any browser. Simply enter your name, select a course and off you go.

Find out more about the learning platform for beginners here.

By the way: Both LMS are available from us as an inexpensive rental solution. So you don't have to waste resources on IT maintenance. We take care of the system and host it on secure servers in Germany. Alternatively, we offer training courses for your IT department to manage the online learning platform yourself.