Where can I buy surgical loupes online

Catalog 2021

www.lupenbrille.de Bajohr OPTECmed specializes in the sale of loupes and lighting systems in the field of ophthalmic optics and medical technology and has the leading market position in Germany. Bajohr sells magnifying glasses and the matching LED lighting systems, in particular to resident doctors and clinics with a focus on dentistry and all areas of surgery. Magnifying glass systems are used for higher image resolution and illumination of the treatment or operation field. These loupes are individually adapted for the user, taking into account the optimal magnification at the desired working distance and any ametropia that may be present. The precise optical analysis forms the basis for in-depth advice to the Bajohr optics team in the office and in the field and represents a clear competitive advantage over other providers. The range includes loupes from ZEISS, PeriOptix and ExamVision. The high-quality private label BaLUPO and BaLEDO has a growing market share in the product portfolio. These magnifying glasses and lighting systems are developed by Bajohr OPTECmed, manufactured on a prescription and processed in Einbeck. The sales of the glasses are organized by specialized field staff in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Employees in the in-house customer center arrange appointments with doctors in practices and clinics and plan the relevant presentations. In addition, Bajohr demonstrates its range of products and diverse services at over 60 advanced training events and trade fairs. Bajohr loupes can also be ordered directly from their own online shop (www.lupenbrille.de) or from the catalog. A related telephone or digital advice is mandatory. Adjustments and measurements can be arranged directly in the showroom in Einbeck or in one of the 100 affiliated KIND optician shops in Germany. The custom-made loupes are made up of the components of the carrier frame or a head support, the optimal loupe system, LED lighting and the lens correction. All magnifying glasses can also be equipped with a new face protection visor. Sales Bajohr-OPTECmed has been supplying students at all universities nationwide with special offers for introducing them to work with magnifying glasses for decades. The product presentation, the individual or group consultation and the measurement take place by appointment with a specialist optician directly on site. Bajohr-OPTECmed can look back on a very positive business development for many years. Due to the current product expansions, the increasing number of users and the very customer-oriented appearance, the company will continue to grow strongly. A network built up over years in the field of users and providers in medical technology leads to a steadily increasing demand. 53

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