Who studies social media and culture

Study to become a social media manager

A social media management degree imparts knowledge of business administration and communication management in addition to the basics of media studies.

Become a social media manager with a bachelor's or master's degree

A degree is usually a prerequisite for working in social media management. In principle, you are not tied to a specific field of study. For example, you can qualify for the social media area by studying media and cultural sciences and doing internships. You can complete your social media management degree as a full-time or part-time degree. You will complete your studies with a bachelor's or master's degree.

Where can I study social media management?

You can study social media management at colleges as well as universities or technical colleges. There is also the option of studying part-time at an academy. The names of the courses that deal with social media management and that can qualify you for this area vary and range from social media marketing to online media management. Here you will find an overview of possible courses of study that will prepare you for a career in the field of social media management.

What course content does the course include?

Depending on which course you choose, the content of your studies will vary. If you choose a course in media studies, your studies will revolve around the three subject areas of media history, media analysis and media theory. A degree in media management also teaches you the basics of business administration. You can also opt for a special social media management degree. In this you will then deal in detail with communication in social media as well as the conception, development and implementation of social media campaigns. The following content can be waiting for you in your Social Media Management degree:

  • Media history, media theory and media analysis
  • Online media management
  • Technological basics
  • Media economy
  • Management methods
  • Media management
  • Communication management
  • Media production
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How does the Social Media Management course work?

In lectures and seminars you will acquire the knowledge you need for your professional goal in social media management. You will deepen your acquired knowledge in internships. For your studies, you do research in the library and on the Internet, write term papers and write exams. By participating in project work, you train your practical skills in addition to theory. Sometimes there is the possibility of doing a semester abroad. As a rule, you finish your studies with a bachelor thesis and an oral bachelor colloquium.

From university to university there are different regulations for the type of examination at the end of your studies. Basically, you finish your studies in social media management with a written bachelor's examination. In some cases, you will also be given the task of presenting your work in the form of a colloquium. If you have passed all relevant examinations, you will finally receive your bachelor's certificate and your certificate. You will also receive a diploma supplement in English.

Requirements for the study

  • Admission test
  • General university entrance qualification or technical college entrance qualification
  • Aptitude test followed by an admission interview
  • Abitur grade and letter of motivation
  • Completed training, including work experience with good to very good grades in relevant subjects
  • Special regulation for applicants without a recognized qualification

Career prospects after graduation

Career prospects are good in the area of ​​social media. This area of ​​corporate communication is becoming increasingly important and new job profiles are constantly emerging. So social media is developing more and more into everyday business. In general, with a bachelor's degree, you have good prerequisites for finding a job after completing your social media management studies. A master’s degree, with which you acquire advanced knowledge, is even more popular with companies. You qualify for an in-depth master’s degree with a good bachelor’s degree.

You can start your career in social media management at different speeds, depending on how active and committed you are in the areas of the Internet and Co. Social media storyteller Christian Splie gives you tips for a successful career start in the following field report:

“Go to bar camps, on Wednesdays, to Twitter lunches, to social media get-togethers. No matter what the event is called: go there! On the one hand to build up your network - of course you mustn't immediately ask everyone who comes first for a job! - On the other hand, such events are usually ideal for knowledge transfer. Passing on knowledge is something that particularly characterizes the social media scene: in no other industry can you often take high-quality speakers with you on interesting topics for free. "

(Source: steadynews.de)

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What salary will I get after graduation?

Your salary in social media management can vary depending on your area of ​​responsibility, responsibility and previous education. The size of the company also plays an important role in your earnings. The table below gives you a first impression:

Career levelSalary (gross / month)
Started2.200 €
work experience4.000 €
average2.900 €

Why study social media management?

  • You will gain knowledge in a future-oriented professional field.
  • The course is varied and practical thanks to projects, internships and stays abroad.
  • Social media offers you a broad field of employment in exciting areas such as social media marketing or social media management.
  • You will gain scientific insights into other subject areas and also understand the economic components of social media management.