What does a sales representative do

Sales agent in 2020

Commercial agent: definition

What is special about sales representatives in sales is that they are typically sales people self-employed are. They sell products or services to different customers on behalf of different companies. The New customer acquisition belong or also the Existing customer care. salary and commission vary depending on various factors.

What does a sales representative do? - the tasks

The tasks of the sales representative vary depending on the client, but are basically similar to those of the sales manager: he leads Customer meetingsin which he presents and sells the respective product or service. Besides, he's for that Appointment coordination responsible. For the various companies he works for, the freelance sales representative regularly prepares his results, evaluates and evaluates the figures presents it to his client.

The main areas of responsibility are:

  • Sales talks with customers
  • Appointment coordination
  • presentation of results

Depending on Client and Branch Of course, these tasks differ in detail.

What qualities and skills should a sales representative have?

A sales representative who works as a sales representative is on a permanent basis Customer contact and also has different clients at the same time. This adds to the properties that typically promise success in sales:

  • Sales talent
  • Organizational talent
  • independence
  • excellent communication skills
  • good time management
  • flexibility
  • Persuasiveness

There is no professional training as a sales representative, but there is one commercial education is beneficial. A degree is not normally required for this position.

How much does a sales representative earn? - Salary & commission

The salary of the commercial agent varies depending on the industry and client, but also depending on the professional experience of the employee. In addition, as usual in sales, the fixed salary to the commission added.

The average fixed salary of a freelance commercial agent is around EUR 55,000 to EUR 65,000 per year. The high of commission as a commercial agent varies greatly between the products or services sold. The commissions are usually included in contracts 5% – 50% figured.

Since the special feature of this position is the independence the sales agent can also be big on his income Exert influenceby deciding for himself how much to work and being very flexible in making changes if he wants.