What is Chuck Norris famous for

Chuck Norris turns 80The manliest of all men

This is how we know Chuck Norris: He stands on one leg, beats bad guys with a powerful kick. It is his trademark, the so-called "roundhouse kick".

Born Carlos Ray Norris, 1940 in Oklahoma, Norris joined the Air Force when he was 18 and first came into contact with Asian martial arts while serving in Korea - an experience that would change his life, he said in a TV interview:

A shy kid

Chuck Norris: "I was a very shy kid. Throughout high school I didn't even dare to stand in front of the class and give a presentation. But when I came back with the black belt from Korea and at the military base in California did my karate exercises, the other GIs watched me and said, "Can you teach us that?"

After the army, Norris opened karate schools and was world champion in karate middleweight six years in a row from 1968. He came to film through his close friend and martial arts legend Bruce Lee - his breakthrough came with "The Death Claw Strikes Again".

His films are not Oscar winners, and are rather simple action flicks - but they bring Norris a loyal audience, who see in him either the ideal type of tough guy, or rather the parody of it. The "Chuck Norris Facts" that have been circulating on the net since 2005 arose from this attitude:

Knocked sayings

"Chuck Norris has his 5pm tea at 4pm."

Chuck Norris 1977 in "Breaker Breaker" (www.imago-images.de (Paragon Films AF Archive Mary Evans))

"Chuck Norris doesn't search on Google - Google asks Chuck Norris ..."

"When Chuck Norris looks up at the sky, the clouds start to sweat. We call it rain."

Chuck Norris likes these sayings, he even advertises them on his own website and reveals his favorites on CNBC:

"They wanted to immortalize Chuck Norris on Mount Rushmore - but the granite wasn't hard enough for his beard."

A conservative Christian

Since 2012 Norris has not had any noteworthy appearances in films - instead he is committed to his specially founded "Kickstarter Kids" organization, in which children in need can learn karate. In addition, Norris stands out for his political commitment - Norris is a very conservative Christian, he rejects the theory of evolution. Politically, he publicly supports the Republicans and the NRA gun lobby - in a promotional video for them in 2008, he said that while he could put burglars on the run with his roundhouse kick, he preferred having them look into a gun barrel.

Norris writes about weapons, his beliefs and why he supports Donald Trump on the website "World Net Daily". Chuck Norris has often been criticized for his conservative views, also because he was critical of the efforts of the Boy Scouts in the USA to be more open to gay members in an article.

Reissue of "Walker, Texas Ranger"

The cult series "Walker, Texas Ranger", which once made Norris so famous, is to be reissued - in the new edition, Walker's character, this time played by Jared Padalecki, is a gay brother. Many people can laugh at this fact - except Chuck Norris.