What is the need for existence


Cultural needs, luxury needs, individual needs, collective needs

Deficiency symptoms that trigger the desire in the individual to remedy this deficiency (satisfaction of needs). Needs create wishes and thus become triggers for economic action. In connection with existing financial resources, needs can become demands for goods and services.

Human needs are basically unlimited and change in the course of life. According to urgency, a distinction is made between basic needs (see there), cultural and luxury needs. Cultural needs are human needs that they perceive as a spiritual being (e.g. reading books or listening to music concerts). Luxury needs do not necessarily have to be satisfied, but they improve the quality of life and raise social standing (e.g. drive an exclusive car, wear an expensive wristwatch).

According to the type of satisfaction, individual and collective needs can be distinguished. Individual needs are needs of the individual that he can satisfy for himself, such as drinking or reading. Collective needs are needs or desires that are felt by many people, e.g. B. Environmental protection or internal security.

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