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Yellowstone National Park: Route Tips and Travel Planning for the Perfect Road Trip (Guest Post)

Fascination Yellowstone: The draws more than three million visitors annually oldest national park in the world at. With its many hot springs and geysers as well as unique wildlife, including bears, wolves and bison, Yellowstone is one of the most popular national parks in the USA. The only drawback: Because of his remote location in northern Wyoming it doesn't really fit into the usual tours of the western United States. However, the longer you deal with the Route planning busy, the more options arise. Follow here three suggested routes for a road trip with the Highlight Yellowstone National Park as Travel planning tips.

Mandy from Travelroads is a real road trip and US travel junkie. Most recently, in May and June, she was on the road for a full four weeks and over 6000 kilometers across the western United States. In this guest post on Travel Pins, she reveals her route tips, how you can incorporate the famous Yellowstone National Park into your road trip in a shorter time and distance, and gives helpful recommendations for travel planning.


Road trip to Yellowstone National Park

Although I was in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado as well as on the classic road trip through the southwest last year, it turned out to be Planning for Yellowstone National Park a little more difficult. Where should i start? Where to end Should it be a round trip or a tour with different start and end points? How much time should I plan? I wanted to combine Yellowstone National Park with some of the hot spots from last year, such as this one Rocky Mountain National Park or the National parks in Utah and Arizona. Quite a few routes were played through, three made it onto the shortlist.

Route # 1

This road trip takes you through the famous Rocky Mountains in Colorado about the vast plains of Wyoming and American small towns with lots of Wild West flair to Yellowstone National Park and back.

Denver - Estes Park (Rocky Mountain NP) - Laramie - Riverton / Wind River County - Jackson / Grand Teton NP - Yellowstone NP - Cody - Thermopolis - Cheyenne - Denver

The route starts and ends in Denver, the relaxed and casual capital of Colorado. On the Rocky Mountain National Park with the highest pass road in America, the Trail Ridge Road, it continues to Wyoming through Laramie up to Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park about the Native American area of ​​Wind River. Lie from Yellowstone National Park back to Denver Cody, a small town with real Wild West flair and famous for its rodeos, over the hot springs of Thermopolis and Cheyenne, the capital of Wyoming.

For this trip are 2.5 to 3 weeks recommendable. The route could also be arbitrarily with some hotspots of the southwest like this Arches and Canyonlands National Park in Moab, Utah.

Route # 2

An almost classic southwest tour, especially the spectacular national parks of the southwest connects to Yellowstone National Park and therefore made it onto the shortlist of the route planner.

Las Vegas - Zion NP - Salt Lake City - Idaho Falls - Yellowstone NP (West Entrance West Yellowstone) - Jackson / Grand Teton NP - Vernal - Moab - Monument Valley - Page (Antelope Canyon / Horseshoe Bend) - Valley of Fire - Las Vegas

On this round trip with start and end point in the City of Sin - Las Vegas - are among the other highlights, the hiking paradise Zion National Park, the Mormon capital Salt Lake City in Utah, the Grand Teton National Parkwho have favourited red rock formations and breathtaking canyons in the Canyonlands as well as in Arches National Park at Moab, the legendary Monument Valley, the unique Antelope Canyon in Page and that Valley of Fire near Las Vegas.

For this route I would too about 3 weeks recommend.

Route # 3

Since in the end I shouldn't go on my road trip alone, the two of us decided to take the following route, once across the western United States:

Seattle - Cannon Beach - Portland - Hood River (Columbia River Gorge) - Pendelton - Twin Falls - Craters of the moon - Idaho Falls - Jackson / Grand Teton NP - Vernal - Moab - Monument Valley - Page - Grand Canyon South Rim - Route 66 - Joshua Tree NP - Palm Springs - los Angeles

On this route we have combined the Pacific Northwest with Yellowstone National Park and the national parks of the Southwest. The must see's on this trip are, besides the aforementioned national parks in Moab, the Antelope Canyon in Page, the capital of Washington, Seattle, the Oregon's wild Pacific coastwho have favourited ride along the Columbia River Gorge, the Grand Canyon, the Route 66 as well as the Joshua Tree National Park in the barren desert of California. los Angeles only served us as a departure point.

For the trip you should at least 3.5 weeks Bring some time.

All three routes are possible variants of how you can combine Yellowstone National Park into a road trip. Of course there are other combinations, such as a tour through the northwest and / or with Canada. Or a shorter lap, from Salt Lake City, for example.

Travel planning tips

Book flights & rental cars

The same place as the start and end point of the trip is best in most cases. Not only are the flights, but also renting a rental car much cheaper than a fork lift. If the rental and drop-off location for the rental car are different, a one-way rental fee from the rental company is often due, as the vehicle has to be returned to the rental location.

Nevertheless, a price comparison for flight connections and rental cars is worthwhile. Our open jaw flight to Seattle and back from Los Angeles, for example, was comparatively cheaper than a return flight to Las Vegas.

So that you have the distances from the major airports to Yellowstone National Park in mind:

  • Los Angeles: 1,650 km
  • San Francisco: 1,500 km
  • Seattle: 1,200 km
  • Las Vegas: 1,200 km
  • Denver: 820 km
  • Salt Lake City: 500 km

The shortest route to Yellowstone National Park is so from Salt Lake City - A possible option for everyone with less time, if flight connections and rental car prices are right.

Los Angeles and San Francisco are the furthest away, but there are usually cheaper flight connections (direct flights) from there. Depending on the time and route, there is also a possibility to combine the Yellowstone National Park.

Enter the USA without a visa

What to Look For When Planning Your Vacation Trip to the United States: Before you travel to the United States, you must register for the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) register to enter the states without a visa. You can apply for this via the website of the US Department of Homeland Security. A credit card is required for this.

Alternatively, you can easily have the application done for you by a paid ESTA all-round service (advertising) *, which also offers a money-back guarantee in the event of a rejection. After receiving the approval, the ESTA is finally valid for two years.

Two final tips for planning your stay in Yellowstone National Park

For a visit to Yellowstone National Park I would at least two full, but if possible better plan three to four days - there is so much to explore!