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The 9 best chatbots for 2021

Chatbot technologies are getting better and better. But they are only as good as the added value they create.

The best way to visualize the state of chatbots in 2021 is to evaluate their advantages in real scenarios. A chatbot can look modern, but it can be of little help to the customer. If a chatbot is even frustrated or pointless, companies risk damaging their image.

We have compiled a cross-industry list of nine chatbots that are a great example of how a chatbot should work in 2021. To qualify for this list, the chatbot had to have the following characteristics:

  • Sensible: Does the chatbot solve a prevailing problem of a company or its customers? Is it a practical solution?
  • Entertaining: Is the conversation flowing and does it sound human? Does the chatbot have a sense of humor? Can he understand typos and colloquial language?
  • Easy to handle: Do you have to register, download or install something before you can use the chatbot? Is it free or does it have fees? Does it have a user-friendly design?

Based on these criteria we have the best chatbots 2021 selected.

World Health Organization coronavirus bot

Misinformation spreads like wildfire in crises. In the current situation, where the coronavirus continues to take control of the world, many people are looking for help and answers online.

The World Health Organization helps people stay healthy and informed with their WHO Health Alert Chatbot. The WhatsApp-based bot was created to provide up-to-date information on the coronavirus quickly and reliably.

Using keywords and commands, users can choose different topics to learn more about the virus and its effects.

Users can start a conversation with the bot in their app via the WhatsApp number +41 79 781 87 91. From here the free conversation can begin with a “Hi” or “Hello”.

The chatbot does not have any human-like conversation, but it is available 24/7 and is constantly fed with the latest findings and infection numbers. It is currently only available in English, but should soon be able to speak Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish.

The WhatsApp chatbot of the German Red Cross offers a good alternative for German users. This also answers the most important questions about Covid-19 around the clock. You can reach the DRK bot on ++ 49 30 85404106.

HelloFreshs Freddy

HelloFresh takes away the tiresome question "What are we cooking today?" both with their delivery service and a chatbot.

Freddy Freshbot is a Facebook Messenger chatbot that provides customers with recipe ideas and groceries. When users search for a dish or an ingredient, Freddy finds the relevant recipes on the HelloFresh blog. When it's time to choose new dishes, Freddy will send a reminder.

The friendly bot also stays in conversation with the customer through culinary quiz questions.

Freddy was created with the help of Chatfuel and is a button-based bot that specializes in culinary keywords.

The chatbot makes it clear from the outset that it is not human, but offers users the option of connecting them to customer service at any time.

HelloFresh was created by Freddy to cope better with the high number of Facebook messages and to reduce response times. The grocery supplier saw a 47% increase in incoming messages while improving their response time by 76% thanks to Freddy.

The company cleverly advertises an exclusive chatbot discount on its Facebook page, which is then made available via a message from Freddy. In 2018 HelloFresh achieved a conversion rate of 64% with a Black Friday promo code and continues to issue new promotional codes (often with the word “BOT” in the name to determine the ROI) when customers interact with games and posts.

Capital Ones Eno

Capital One was looking for a way to strengthen customer relationships. Then the mobile app “Eno” was created. The friendly banking robot helps customers to keep an eye on suspicious, double or unusually high charges.

Customers can contact Eno 24/7 via the website, mobile app or SMS to check their account balance or recent debits, or to report problems with their bank cards.

Eno even sends notifications when a customer is charged a higher amount than usual.

A lot of work and money went into creating the bot, which is not surprising when you consider that Capital One is one of the largest banks in the US. Eno understands over 2,200 terms and emojis, which makes it a contextual bot that has a conversation instead of just asking for commands. Although he is not familiar with topics outside of banking, he is helpful, professional and has an empathetic manner.

A special feature of Eno is that it summarizes the transactions of the Capital One credit card in an annual overview. If eligible, customers will also receive a charity summary of donations. In 2019, Eno had almost $ 2 million in deductible donations in user accounts.


Developed by Stanford University psychologist Alison Darcy, cartoon robot Woebot helps alleviate symptoms of depression through active listening and positive feedback. To do this, he relies on GIFs and amusing words.

The New York Times, Wired and Business Insider praised the talk therapy bot for its careful attention and sensitivity. The self-proclaimed “charming robot friend” is available for encouraging words when self-confidence is down or sleep is a long time coming.

Woebot is only available as a mobile version in the App Store or Google Play. But by restricting the conversation to one app, it feels more familiar - almost like writing to a friend. Woebot has a 4.6 star rating on the app store. Above all, it is emphasized that the bot is funny, encouraging and personable, despite the obvious algorithms. We believe that a chatbot that is good for the soul deserves the top spot on every chatbot leaderboard.

OMQ chatbot

The OMQ chatbot is a chatbot construction kit for companies to implement entertainment-based AI. Developed in 2019, the chatbot is designed to reduce the workload in customer service.

Larger online shops such as EMP and Baby Walz already use the OMQ chatbot, which works as an open, “out of the box” solution.

The chatbot is connected to OMQ's central knowledge platform and relies on artificial intelligence in order to learn from every request and thus continuously improve.

He also engages in small talk with users and can interpret their intentions. Nevertheless, it was important to OMQ that the user is aware that he is not talking to a person - despite the progressive “Natural Language Understanding” (NLU).

Using the OMQ chatbot requires neither IT nor programming skills. That's why he's the preferred chat partner at Userlike. You can simply connect it to our live chat platform and immediately forward your customers to a service employee with complex inquiries.

You can integrate the chatbot on instant messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram, as well as directly on your website.


BB, short for Blue Bot, helps KLM travelers find new travel destinations, book flights and pack their bags. It is based on Facebook Messenger and can be addressed via the Google Assistant.

KLM developed BB to reduce the high volume of inquiries that the airline's service staff were confronted with on social media.

Built with DialogFlow and inspired by DigitalGenius, BB is a professional, helpful, cool character who learns from customer interactions through NLU and makes a joke here and there. Users are particularly fond of discovering the little Easter egg answers the bot has in store.

BB supports users in the entire planning and booking process. If he reaches his limits, the conversation is passed on to a service employee in the chat. Before the trip, BB even checks the weather and recommends that customers prepare accordingly, for example with an umbrella or an extra sweater.


AskBenji is the first free application for students to provide financial support. The bot was developed for the students of Arizona State University in the USA to make it easier for them to apply for funds.

Benji can be reached via SMS to address students as the main target group on their preferred mobile channel.

Benji is a conversational chatbot that works on keywords. Users formulate their text freely, Benji will respond based on the recognized keywords. If he doesn't have an answer, he asks the user to rephrase the question or explain that he understands the issue but needs more information.

Many students quickly lose track of things when it comes to financial support, grants and loans. Benji is at their side and also sends links to relevant pages. This saves users time because they don't have to search the university's website for the information themselves.


Older generations are often skeptical about technical innovations. Lark manages to bridge the supposed gap. Developed for people with diabetes, high blood pressure and generally poor health, the chatbot helps users monitor their health data.

With this information, Lark indicates which beneficial habits and individual behaviors help users make profound improvements.

Lark is a context-based chatbot, which means it can have human-like conversations. He has a friendly, empathetic and humorous personality that is ideally suited to the target group. According to Lark CEO Julia Hu, Lark's entertaining approach enables seniors to combine social exchange with health awareness.

Lark, developed in collaboration with Harvard and Stanford Universities, has been recognized by the Center for Disease Control for its diabetes prevention program. The chatbot is also mentioned in the list of the 10 best Apple apps.

In a recent study with Omron, researchers found that linking Lark to the patient's blood pressure machine resulted in a 5 mm Hg decrease in systolic and diastolic blood pressure over a six-month period. This is a significant reduction in the risk of an event.

Lark is free when prescribed by a doctor and can be accessed via smartphone and on the website.

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Andy - bot for learning English

Andy helps users learn English and improve their language skills through simple exercises and casual conversation. The English-speaking bot speaks fluently and in simple sentences that are tailored to the language level of the user.

Learning a new language can be uncomfortable. But Andy knows how to keep the conversation going by asking questions and leaving sentences open. It corrects the user's grammar, spelling and accentuation. However, some of these functions are only activated with a premium account.

Andy is the prime example of using conversational AI which helps people learn a new language through practice. The bot has an average user rating of 4.7 in the App Store, where it is praised for its excellent functionality.

The chatbot is available in the Google Play Store and in the Apple Store for smartphones and tablets. It is also represented at Telegram and can be used free of charge.

Key features of the best chatbots in 2021

One noticeable trend in the current best chatbots is that they are increasingly moving towards human-like entertainment. Button- and keyword-based chatbots still exist, but companies spend a lot of money to create really helpful digital assistants.

We have also observed that chatbots are increasingly being developed for “on-the-go” applications in apps. Just as live chat is now available via messenger apps, many chatbots also accompany users to wherever they are.

If you want to know more about what customers think about chatbots, check out our video on the subject:

If your company is looking for chatbot software, we recommend introducing live chat as the basics first. The bot can then easily be connected to this and forwarding to your service team is possible at any time.

Userlike offers you a free 14-day test phase as well as the option to build your own chatbot in Userlike or to connect a chatbot platform such as OMQ or Cognigy via the chatbot API. If you are interested, contact us directly in the chat, our team will be happy to assist you on the topics of live chat and chatbots.