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Redirections in WordPress

Redirection WordPress plugin

"Redirection" is a free WordPress plugin that offers other powerful features in addition to simple 404 redirects:

  • Mass forwarding of any number of links according to definable schemes
  • Exception rules for individual links
  • Tracking of all links with 404 errors
  • Automatic creation of redirects when changing the page URL

Create simple redirects

After successfully installing and activating the plugin, you should display the pages listed on Google. Look for "site: eure-alte-url.de
Google will now list all available search results for you on the page. Go now.

For a simple redirect, only the URL to be forwarded needs to be specified as the source URL and the destination URL. If the preceding domain is set as the main domain in the WordPress backend, it is sufficient to store the following part beginning with "/". into the redirects menu (Tools> Redirects ).

Mass forwarding

If several URLs are to be forwarded at the same time, you do not have to refer to them individually. Redirection allows a schema-based syntax. So can "(.*)"As a placeholder for"anything“Can be used.

For example, to see all contributions from "www.alte-url.de/produkte/… "To redirect, it is sufficient to use"www.alte-url.de/produkte/(.*)"To be entered. In this example, the target URL could be a product overview.

Attention: Here must be the hook at"Regular Expression" be set! This declaration declares that the pattern may apply to several URLs.


If several rules apply to a URL, the redirect that was added last usually applies. You can be safe if you combine the new redirects in a new group.

Create exceptions

If you want to exclude one or more URLs from a redirect rule, add them to all other applicable rules and select “do nothing” for action.Don't forget to checkmark "Regular Expression".