Is Ariana Grande from Mac Miller

Ariana Grande comments on Mac Miller's death

The US rapper Mac Miller was in a relationship with pop star Ariana Grande for two years. Mac Miller struggled with a drug addiction during the relationship. This was his fate a few days ago: He probably died of an overdose.


Mac Miller's fan community didn't make things any easier for the singer, as they blamed her for Miller's death. She broke up with the rapper a few months ago. However, she kept mentioning how she tried to get Miller off drug addiction.


Grande made her first statement shortly after his death via Instagram. She published a private black and white photo of the rapper - without comment. The public comment function was blocked for this purpose.


Now the singer expresses herself in words for the first time. She posts a video via Instagram that she recorded during their relationship. Miller looks happy and satisfied in the video, in the background you can hear Ariana laughing.


The video is published by Ariana with a heartbreaking text. She writes that she has loved Miller since the first day they met and she always will. The singer is angry and sad at the same time because she doesn't know what to do now. Miller was her best friend.


At the end the singer writes: "I'm so sorry that I couldn't take your pain away. I really wanted to."

She says he didn't deserve this and she hopes he's fine now.


A very personal and emotional text by Ariana Grande.