Naturally curly hair can be permanently straightened

Everything runs smoothly Hair straightening chemically

They stand out, fly around or look dull: frizzy and curly hair does what it pleases on the head. But not with us anymore! With permanent and chemical hair straightening, we bring stubborn strands into line and help them to a smooth and shiny existence.

Jennifer Aniston is such a case. Or Taylor Swift. How do these naturally curly hairs get such a beautiful and permanently smooth mane that no hair can resist? Daily straightening with the straightening iron? Hour-long hairdressing sessions? Much easier. They leave theirs Chemically straighten hairto save yourself the annoying styling stress. We can do that too.

In order to be able to straighten the hair chemically, two methods are usually used:

What is keratin

Keratin is a natural protein that is also found in human hair and is responsible for its shine and smoothness. It surrounds the hair and makes it more resistant.

In the Keratin treatment Artificially obtained keratin (e.g. from sheep's wool) is added to the hair after a thorough wash. The more completely the individual hair is coated with keratin, the smoother and silky it will be. You can read details about the keratin treatment here.

The alternative method - the so-called CHI hair straightening - works like a perm, only the hair is given a smooth shape rather than a curly shape. Here, the hair is made malleable through a chemical treatment and then brought to the desired degree of straightening with the straightening iron. Finally, the smooth mane is chemically fixed.

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Who is chemical hair straightening suitable for?

Chemical hair straightening is basically suitable for every hair. The procedure not only results in a smooth hair structure, but also a shiny look. While curls, waves, and other structural irregularities break up incident daylight, straight hair offers a surface that is as even as a mirror. The hair can reflect daylight and shines in full shine.

Chemical hair straightening is particularly beneficial for those who use a straightening iron almost every day. This time-consuming process, which is also not entirely harmless to the hair, can be spared if the hair is chemically straightened.

How long does chemical hair straightening last?

In the keratin treatment, an artificial straightening agent is added to the hair, which washes out a little more each time the hair is washed. In this way, the chemical smoothness gradually decreases. It is completely washed out after about 4 to 5 months. With the other method, the sleek look is chemically sealed in such a way that it cannot be washed out and does not have to be waxed out.

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How long does chemical hair straightening take and how expensive is it?

In order to be able to straighten the hair chemically, you have to work in several steps. First, care substances that are still in the hair must be thoroughly removed. This is followed by the actual chemical smoothing, which is carried out strand by strand. You should therefore bring enough time with you, depending on the thickness, volume and length of your hair. Chemical straightening at the hairdresser's can take up to five hours. In accordance with the effort involved, the costs are not low either. You should calculate at least 400 francs for chemical smoothing.

What are the risks?

Everyone should be aware that there are fundamental concerns associated with the use of chemicals. Especially sensitive, brittle or already damaged hair can react sensitively to the use of the substances used and, in the worst case, break. It cannot be ruled out that the sensitive scalp may react to the straightening of the hair and cause irritation or itching.

Such reactions are the exception, however, when one has his Chemically straighten hair leaves. You don't have to worry about the use of formaldehyde either. This chemical, which is thought to cause cancer, is no longer used in any product. If you still want to be sure, have your hairdresser show you the smoothing agent used and study the list of ingredients.

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