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"In times of Corona", you read that now often. The before time seems far away and has become a little strange, although it was only a few months ago. Even the phrase is now worn out, but "in times of Corona" still describes the present - and possibly the future as well: The fight against the virus will probably be with us for longer. "It may never go away," says Michael Ryan, the World Health Organization (WHO) emergency aid coordinator.

Even if a vaccine is found, Covid-19 may have changed us and the world forever. The only question is: How is Corona changing the world? How can we all influence it? And what can we learn from the crisis? We want to discuss this with you: in a new round of the workshop democracy, the project to participate and improve. Despite and especially in times of Corona.

At the start of the fourth round of the SZ and the Nemetschek Foundation we once again put three questions to vote. You have the opportunity to decide which of these topics we should research for you and discuss with you. Due to the corona, not at an event on site, but this time exclusively online - including video workshops. In the survey tool below, click on the question that seems most urgent to you and vote:

The survey is over, more on the results shortly.

What is behind the topics?

The questions on the topics are deliberately put openly. We want to answer them together with you - take up suggestions, set priorities and work out problems and possible solutions.

Topic 1: Caution, prohibitions, responsibility - how do we protect fundamental rights and Life?

The excitement about conspiracy theorists and so-called "hygiene demos" has recently often overshadowed the necessary constructive debate about the restriction of fundamental rights. Many people are seriously concerned and consider it disproportionate that, among other things, freedom of assembly, freedom of occupation or freedom of belief have been curtailed so quickly and so comprehensively. Others fear that too early and far-reaching relaxation of restrictions could endanger human life, especially in risk groups. So how do you deal with this central dilemma of the corona crisis?

Topic 2: Lessons from Corona - how do we want to work in the future?

Suddenly it works: Home office instead of compulsory presence, business appointments by phone or video switch. But not only that. A new appreciation is developing for so-called system-relevant professions, which are not only considered to be doctors and care technicians, but also educators, geriatric nurses and cashiers. Corona has turned the world of work upside down in many areas - what do we want and should we keep?

Topic 3: Common sense instead of stubbornness - how can we achieve better cooperation through the crisis?

Every evening the "Ode to Joy" is sung from the balconies, masks are sewn as gifts in homework and the seniors from the third floor have not had to go shopping themselves for weeks - at the beginning of the Corona crisis, helpfulness and solidarity grew. Then, among other things, the voices of various supporters of easing became louder, some of whom see the solution in barracking the risk groups. And now? How can solidary, common good-oriented tendencies be carried over into the post-corona period?

And what happens then?

The online voting runs until Tuesday, May 26th. The next day we will announce the result - in the SZ, on SZ.de and via the digital channels of the Werkstatt Demokratie (if you don't want to miss any news from the project, we will keep you up to date with updates - register here). The decision is made on a grassroots basis: The question for which the most votes were cast is at the center of the new project round.

Your vote is our job: Immediately afterwards we will start researching this question. Because of the already very extensive daily Corona reporting in the SZ, there will be no separate topic week as in the previous rounds. Nevertheless, we will devote several articles to particularly important facets of the selected topic. We will publish the results in the week of June 22nd SZ.de and in the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Among other things, this information should form the basis for the online discussion groups at the end of that week. Because larger face-to-face events are currently not possible or at least not possible in a relaxed manner, we are moving our discussion workshops to the virtual one. At the moderated video workshops on June 27th, we want, as always, to bring people with different backgrounds and different perspectives into dialogue and look for answers together, which we then process and publish. You can register from May 27th at sz.de/werkstatt_anmeldung.

Here you can read what has been researched so far, what is behind the project and what the previous rounds have revealed on the topics of housing, Europe and the climate crisis.

How can you participate?

With your personal experience, with research tips, as a discussion partner and as a source of ideas. Tell us which aspects we should particularly consider and what concerns you. Follow us on Twitter (@SZ_Demokratie) and become a member of our Facebook group. Email us (with a short additional note if you would like to be included in our - anonymous - mailing list). And take part in the online workshops when we are debating precisely this topic with you. You can find out more about the project and why it is important to (us) here. Thanks for being there!