What is Network Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management

Weak point management is the basis for an optimally protected and externally secured IT infrastructure. The necessity is beyond question: the number of cyber attacks targeting companies is increasing every day. But how can companies meet the challenge of weak point management?

We reveal what the term exactly means, how high the relevance is and which measures can be implemented.

Vulnerability management is part of the general security strategy. Image: Pixabay / geralt

Vulnerability management - component of the security strategy

In the first instance, the term weak point management means Vulnerability Management) that IT systems or entire networks are regularly examined as a whole for weaknesses and security gaps. It is therefore an ongoing process that, by its very nature, can never be completed. Vulnerability management is an essential component of everyone IT security strategy.

The effort involved - however high it may be - is definitely worth it. After all, anyone who does not protect their network by closing open gaps as quickly as possible and regularly updating systems, software and the like has a huge problem as soon as they are targeted by cyber criminals.

These are as flexible in choosing their form of attack as the security architecture is inadequate. The consequences range from system failures to ransom extortion to complete data loss, the economic consequences of which can threaten the entire business existence.

Cybercrime Report 2019: massive increase in attacks

The US security company Crowdstrike has just published its Cybercrime Report for the first half of 2019. And it shows: The number of attacks against companies has increased enormously once again. Attacks that target money are particularly "popular" - in contrast to previous periods, they now form the absolute majority.

According to the report, companies that are active in the areas of communications, finance, chemistry, health and technology are particularly affected by attacks using ransomware and the like. The cyber criminals themselves are primarily based in China and Russia, but operate globally. Companies that do nothing to combat security gaps open the door to hackers, so to speak. And as long as that doesn't change, the cyber criminals are sure to continue to succeed.

It is therefore more important than ever to keep an eye on weak points and security gaps of all kinds and to take appropriate measures as quickly as possible if such a point of attack is revealed.

Establish weak point management in the company

This is possible in this contextPatch management goes hand in hand with vulnerability management. Only together can you ensure an increase in security. While all system components are first examined for (technical) weaknesses, the subsequent patch management takes care of eliminating the problems. Security gaps are specifically closed by means of appropriate updates.

The crux of the matter in many companies is the feasibility of these measures. This requires an expert who is able to keep an eye on the entire network, to find vulnerabilities, to know how to fix them and to carry out the necessary updates. For the "normal" office worker an almost impossible task. So you are better advised if you rely on the support of a professional IT service provider like our experts from IT-SERVICE.NETWORK.

As part of a IT security checks and one Penetration tests our experienced employees can quickly find out where the shoe pinches. Subsequently, the vulnerability and patch management ensures that any risks are minimized as soon as they occur. For you this means: one less worry and more time to concentrate on your core business.

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