Why are the national brands so expensive

Trademark rights fees

Registration fee (including the class fee up to three classes)300 EuroRegistration fee for electronic registration (including the class fee for up to three classes)290 eurosClass fee upon registration (for each class from the fourth grade)100 eurosRegistration fee for a collective or certification mark900 eurosAccelerated verification of registration200 eurosRenewal fee (including the class fee up to three classes)750 eurosRenewal fee for collective and certification marks1800 eurosClass fee for renewal (for each class from the fourth class)260 eurosOpposition procedure - basic amount for an opposition mark250 euroOpposition procedure - fee for each additional opposition mark50 EurosApplication fee for invalidity due to absolute grounds for refusal400 eurosApplication fee due to forfeiture100 euros
The Basic registration fee comprises three classes of goods or services. The class fee has to be paid for each additional class.
The basic registration fee and any class fees are Application feesthat with the Application and payment (regardless of the outcome of the trademark registration process) expired. This means that the application fees cannot be paid back, e.g. if the trademark application is withdrawn.
Fees will only be reimbursed if payment is made without a legal reason. Please note that a reimbursement fee of 10 euros will be retained.