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India's internet economy in the fast lane: impressive numbers

It is ironic that the software superpower India is (still) far behind in terms of IT infrastructure and Internet penetration in a global comparison. The Modi government is now investing heavily in promoting the use of IT in India. To accelerate the catch-up process in India, the Modi government announced a nationwide digital initiative in August: 19 billion dollars are to be invested to equip 250,000 villages with broadband connections, set up universal access to the mobile network, expand online government services and all kinds of basic services to be able to provide online. These measures will significantly support India's efforts to advance the electronic handling of business processes in public administration and government (e-government)
India closes the technology gap

As a result, India's Internet economy should turn over up to $ 200 billion a year by 2020, which would correspond to 5 percent of GDP. This article reveals which factors contribute how much:
India’s Internet Economy Has Potential To Grow to $ 200 Billion By 2020

In addition to public investments in the expansion of the (broadband) infrastructure, the private sector plays a particularly important role in the development of Internet and IT services. In the past year, over 5 billion US dollars flowed into 300 Indian Internet start-ups. You can find out what these are here: Over $ 5 billion were invested in Indian startups in 2014 across 300+ deals

Numerous foreign founders are now also trying to set up Internet companies in India. The most popular ones (some of which I know personally) are named here: Build, sell and move on: Expats make it big in India

Google is one of the most active players in the Indian internet ecosystem. No other (international) company understands the Indian market as well as the Internet company from Mountain View. This article reveals what Google is doing to bring more Indians online.
Google Tries to Translate in India

Another comparison from the IT world that is worth reading, albeit to be understood in a more figurative sense:
Why India Loves Scrum

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