Might Pain defeat EMS Madara

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Nope, actually he said more than once that only Hashirama can stop him . But think you can interpret it how you want. What should you discuss in a great way? Hashirama represents the body of the Rikudo Sennin and is on par with the power of the eyes. If we follow the history of the two clans, it seemed that the one with the strong body, physical energy and will was always stronger than the one with strong eyes. Apparently the younger son and his descendants had much more to offer than we imagine with a strong body, physical energy and will. Tsunade also said that Hashirama left her and the others the will, which is more important than any techniques and as we can see she has something on it. Hashirama was divine, everyone agrees. Everyone respected and feared him because of his power, to this day a bunch of people are after his DNA to draw some of his power. He uses the mokuton, which Kishimoto describes in his companion book as the most versatile technique and that at least to the extent that Madara has shown us. Madara uses the mokuton to this extent after Kabuto implanted a few cells in him; and now imagine the extent of Hashirama's mokuton, who is the original user of the mokuton and has the strong DNA that everyone strives for. He was the one who submitted to Bijus according to his will, collected them and later distributed them to all nations in order to balance their strengths. And in addition, he had medical skills that are far above those of the currently best healer in the world. Only with the seal do their regeneration abilities reach its level.

The mokuton and regeneration are his two well-known abilities, in addition to the strong body, physical energy and will, which are the opposite of the eyes, mental energy and the strong chakra that Madara represents. And who knows what else he could do. Since he has used several large scrolls, which Kishimoto has illustrated many times, one can imagine that he has also mastered some strong sealing techniques and the like.