Have you ever been pranked?

WhatsApp Pranks: Top 3 Free Apps for Funny Pranks

WhatsApp Pranks are easiest to stage with specially designed applications. There are fake screenshots and even fake screen videos. We'll show you the three best free WhatsApp prank apps for Android and iOS.

WhatsApp Pranks are currently enjoying great popularity on social media. The once simple phone prank has moved with the times and, thanks to various apps for Android and iOS, offers more options than ever before. Sometimes entire chats can be faked and even trick shots are possible. Take friends and acquaintances with the following apps on the black ice.

Fake Chat - The Classic

Fake chat is the classic among WhatsApp prank apps. The application allows you to design fake chats so that you can send them to your friends via screenshots or share them on social networks. There are hardly any limits to the freedom of design. In the deceptively real-looking menu, tap on the familiar icon to write a new message and compose a chat history. Of course you write the text of the sender as well as that of the recipient. Date, online status, names and much more can be freely designed so that the chat looks real and is guaranteed to deceive everyone.

Fake chat is available free of charge for Android phones on Google Play. The app is in German and has a simple structure, so that you can find your way around quickly and don't have to experiment for a long time to get to know the functions. However, the application is not ad-free. However, the advertising banners are cleverly placed so that they don't ruin your fake chat.

  • easy fake chat creation
  • many design options
  • cleverly placed advertising banners

Click here for the WhatsApp Prank app Fake chat:

Prank - The Apple Faker

When it comes to WhatsApp prank apps, iPhone users are usually left out because, unfortunately, very few applications of this type can be found in the App Store. One of those few is called Prank and offers you a classic fake chat that you can design as you wish. As with the Android counterpart, you have many options to edit pictures, names, dates and much more so that the chat history looks deceptively real.

Prank is one of the few free WhatsApp prank apps in Apple's app store. However, the application is entirely in English and is covered with lots of advertising. Nevertheless, it is simple and understandable, so that you are guaranteed to find your way around quickly.

  • easy fake chat creation
  • many design options
  • annoying advertisements
  • no autocorrection when entering text
  • in English

Click here for the WhatsApp Prank app Prank:

WhatsVideo - The convincing one

Anyone can send a fake screenshot! How about a fake screen capture instead? The WhatsApp prank app WhatsVideo make it possible. Here you have the option of creating a complete chat history as a video so that you can then send it to friends. Not only is the text editable, but also the speed at which it was supposedly typed and much more.

WhatsVideo is free to download for Android phones, but contains advertisements. Unfortunately, the app is only available in English and is a bit fiddly. You will have to experiment a little to learn all of the features, but the result is well worth the effort. Because none of the other WhatsApp prank apps offer more realistic fakes.

  • realistic screen video fakes
  • many design options
  • cleverly placed advertising banners

Click here for the WhatsApp Prank app WhatsVideo:

Conclusion - our test result

With our three best WhatsApp prank apps you are guaranteed to trick friends and acquaintances. The most realistic, but also the most complex forgery offers WhatsVideo. The app enables you to create videos of chat histories so that you can share and send them as supposedly real screen videos. Fake chat and Prank offer classic chat history fakes that you can save as screenshots. The latter, however, is covered in a lot of annoying advertising, so we fakeChat to prefer. Since the app is only available for Android and Prank is one of the few alternatives for iPhone users, we recommend removing the advertising for a fee.