What is sketch the software

Use a storyboard to sketch your film

Windows + Linux + Mac / English / Open Source. Storyboards serve as the basis for the shooting, but are also helpful if you want to explain a film idea to others and win them over, be it financiers for a professional production or collaborators for a hobby project.

The storyboard shows the perspective and possible movements of the camera, the scenery and movements of the actors. Since a film can have over 1000 settings, storyboards can get quite extensive. With the open source "Storyboarder" from Wonderunit you can create professional storyboards. You import the script (if available) as a basis. The drawing functions are kept simple, since only rough sketches are required. But you can also draw on paper and photograph your pictures and read them into the program. In most of the films there are many shots that are similar to each other. You create these in the storyboarder by duplicating and modifying an existing setting.

The absolute hit is the "Shot Generator". The program thus automatically generates scenes that you describe in key words: You specify the setting size, people and their postures and the program generates the drawing!

For each scene you enter additional information on the right: number of the scene, duration, dialog text, which actions take place and notes. Below you can see your individual boards lined up on a timeline. You can also play this as an animation, the storyboard then almost looks like a finished film.

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