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Character traits

Anyone who wants to create a personal description, a characterization or even just a profile wants to describe a figure appropriately. It is nice when the characteristics of the respective protagonist are worked out in detail. However, when you write, you tend to repeat yourself over and over again. To save you that, we would like to give you an overview of various Character traits offer so that writing is easier and the person can be described in many different ways.

Character traits with an A

adventurous, aloof, serene, jaded, negotiable, disapproving, weighing up, waiting, dismissive, absent, mindful, affected, affy, aggressive, agile, accurate, active, silly, precocious, altruistic, ambitious, ambivalent, amusing, anarchic, show-off, adapted, aggressive, scary, fearful, clinging, adaptable, appealing, undemanding, demanding, attractive, malicious, innocent, arrogant, good, ascetic, breathtaking, athletic, attractive, rebellious, quick-tempered, intrusive, excited, excited, open-minded, alert, inflammatory, attentive, in need of attention, rebellious, sincere, defiant, rebellious, persistent, expressionless, abusive, freaky, cunning, balanced, sophisticated, xenophobic, exploitable, self-sufficient, authentic, autonomous, authoritarian

Character traits with B

grumpy, barbaric, compassionate, thoughtful, deliberate, threatening, depressed, needless, influenceable, self-conscious, imperious, gifted, desirable, enthusiastic, enthusiastic, eager, contentedly, dense, haunted, comfortable, persistent, agile, controlled, courageous, cautious, confused, crazy, resilient, invigorating, striving, mothering, enviable, comfortable, calculating, eloquent, enriching, modest, possessed, possessive, level-headed, worried, stupid, knowing better, knowing better, constant, captivating, corruptible, bestial, determining, determining, beguiling, busy, deceitful, patronizing, conscious, adorable, bigoted, biting, bizarre, blasé, pale, blue-eyed, flowery, bloodthirsty, stubborn, down-to-earth, vicious, evil, malicious, narrow-minded, bristle-like, malicious, good, broad, explosive, grumpy, brutal

Character traits with C

chaotic, characterless, full of character, charismatic, charming, chauvinistic, chevaleresque, choleric, clever, courageous

Character traits with D

stupid, ladylike, grateful, defensive, decadent, humble, depressive, coarse, despotic, destructive, determinative, submissive, subtle, dedicated, diabolical, thick-skinned, stubborn, diffuse, dictatorial, diplomatic, direct, discreet, open to discussion, distant, distinguished Disciplined, lack of discipline, diva-like, dogmatic, doctrinal, dominant, stupid, urgent, dramatic, dramatic, daring, bold, dubious, cautious, conceited, thin-skinned, tolerant, stupid, through-the-door, confused, transparent, transparent, assertive, sly, dynamic

Character traits with E

genuine, noble, efficient, effective, egotistical, egomaniacal, self-centered, honorable, honorable, awesome, ambitious, honest, jealous, eager, independent, self-determined, solitary, independent, selfish, stubborn, independent, willful, simple, simple-minded, unimaginative, imaginative, empathetic, conceited, intimidated, inviting, engaging, lonely, ready for action, intimidating, one-sided, insightful, monotonous, lonely, unique, iron, ice cold, vain, disgusting, elegant, elitist, eloquent, emotional, empathic, sensitive, sensitive, Sensitive, busy, energetic, energetic, energetic, committed, narrow-minded, accommodating, celibate, enthusiastic, decisive, determined, determined, relaxed, pathetic, merciless, experienced, inventive, success-oriented, refreshing, devoted, sublime, encouraging, serious, serious, expectant, exalted, eager to experiment, extravagant, extroverted (extroverted), eccentric H

Character traits with F

multifaceted, professional, fair, wrong, familiar, family-conscious, unimaginative, imaginative, imaginative, fantastic, fatalistic, lazy, flawed, cowardly, fine, hostile, sensitive, subtle, feminine, captivating, fiery, jolly, nasty, flighty, hard-working, hardworking, flexible, nimble, obedient, demanding, brisk, photogenic, fragile, cheeky, free-thinking, fighting for freedom, freedom-loving, outspoken, revealing, external-determining, external-determined, joyful, friendly, peaceful, peaceful, peace-loving, peaceful, peaceful, peaceful, frigid, fresh, frivolous, happy, cheerful nature, cheerful, pious, frosty, docile, caring, fearless, fearful, furious

Character traits with G

Character traits with H

hair-splitting, greedy, avaricious, malicious, domesticated, stubborn, harmless, in need of harmony, addicted to harmony, hard, hard-hearted, stubborn, rabid-hearted, hateful, hedonistic, homely, insidious, hot, cheerful, hectic, heroic, brightly, heroically, disdainful, challenging, heroic, bossy, glorious, domineering, refreshing, heartfelt, heartless, inflammatory, hypocritical, jittery, helpless, helpful, devoted, insidious, profound, insidious, insidious, insidious, cunning, heated, arrogant, arrogant, arrogant, snooty, grandiose, polite, polite-loving, homoist, humorless, humorous, hungry, pretty, hyperactive, hyper correct, hypochondriac, hysterical

Character traits with I

self-centered, idealistic, imaginative, idiotic, ignorant, impertinent, impulsive, ardent, individualistic, infamous, infantile, initiative, inconsistent, innovative, innovative, inspiring, instinctive, integer, intellectual, intelligent, interested, intolerant, scheming, introverted, intuitive, ironic, irrational

Character traits with J

irascible, pathetic, jovial, youthful, virginal

Character traits with K

combative, calculating, cold, cold-blooded, cold-hearted, callous, capricious, casuistic, feline, odd, cheeky, heretical, chaste, child-hostile, child-fond, childish, child-like, clear, small-minded, small-minded, subdued, petty, petty, clever, kleptomaniacal tough, kinky, flirtatious, collegial, communicative, communicative, competent, complicated, willing to compromise, conflict-friendly, conflict-shy, concrete, consistent, conservative, consistent, constant, poor contact, sociable, counterproductive, contrareligious, controlled, conciliatory, cooperative, top-class, Correct, corrupt, cosmopolitan, expensive, strong, powerful, sick, scratchy, creative, cringing, warmongering, criminal, critical, capable of criticism, cool, bold, artistic, artificial, accommodating, cultivated, friendly, curious

Character traits with L

unstable, laughable, casual, lame, lamb-pious, long-suffering, slow, larmoyant, lascivious, moody, loud, lively, life-affirming, cheerful, cheerful, tired of life, lively, casual, light, frivolous, light-footed, gullible, reckless, passionate, passionate, quiet, willing to perform, powerful, willing to learn, lethargic, affable, liberal, dear, loving, lovable, loving, lovely, loveless, link, lisanne, easy, solution-oriented, loyal, lustful, listless, lustful

Character traits with M

Power-obsessed, greedy for power, ruling, power-hungry, hostile to men, male, lean, magical, manipulative, striking, martial, masculine, masochistic, excessive, materialistic, matriarchal, melancholic, meme-like, shy of people, inhuman, strange, strange, lousy, poor, militant, mimosa-like, misanthropic, resentful, sullen, suspicious, compassionate, pitiful, pitiless, pitiless, communicative, fashionable, sophisticated, moral, motivating, motivated, tired, sullen, maternal, musical, courageous

Character traits with N

thoughtful, indulgent, careless, indulgent, resentful, naive, narcissistic, natural, nature-loving, nature-loving, negative, envious, jealous, annoying, pesky, nervous, nice, curious, neurotic, neutral, dejected, mean, cute, nihilistic, levelless, nonchalant, normal, horny, sober

Character traits with O

superficial, objective, open, open-hearted, offensive, opportunistic, optimistic, orderly, vulgar, orderly, orderly, disoriented

Character traits with P

paranoid, passive, patent, paternalistic, patriotic, patriarchal, pedantic, pejorative, pushy, meticulous, perfect, perfectionistic, perverse, pessimistic, smart, easy-care, dutiful, dutiful, imaginative, philanthropic, phlegmatic, plump, planless, fussy, poetic, polarizing, political, positive, positive traits, precise, pragmatic, principled, problem-conscious, productive, addicted to profiling, progressive, chubby, promiscuous, prophetic, protective, provocative, prudish, psychotic, punctual, cute

Character traits with Q

Tormenting, qualified, lateral thinking, transgressive, lively, lively

Character traits with R

rabid, vengeful, radical, refined, racist, restless, advising, rational, at a loss, seeking advice, rough, reactionary, quick to react, realistic, unrealistic, rebellious, opinionated, lawless, righteous, eloquent, eloquent, reflective, lively, mature, fond of traveling, irritable, charming, delightful, religious, unruly, reserved, resigned, resolute, disrespectful, respectful, remorseful, remorseful, rigorous, risk-taking, robust, romantic, routine-oriented, spineless, ruthless, considerate, rude, restless, calm, gruff

Character traits with S

matter-of-fact, sadistic, casual, gentle, meek, sanguine, sardonic, sarcastic-subtle, searching, prone to addiction, addicted

Character traits with T

tough, daydreaming, tactical, tactless, tactful, energetic, inactive, capable of working in a team, temperamental, temperamental, profound, fond of animals, foolish, tolerant, reckless, clumsy, tough, indolent, dreamy, transparent, loyal, faithful, dull, defiant, gloomy, efficient, tyrannical

Character traits with U

Character traits with V

fatherly, contemptuous, irresponsible, responsible, binding, dogged, bitter, stubborn, criminal, devoured, seductive, forgiving, forgetful, persistent, cerebral, reliable, demanding, embarrassed, vulnerable, in love, mendacious, fearful of loss, networking, sensible, treacherous, wicked, crazy, dirty, devious, closed, mischievous, cranky, intimidated, obsessed, playful, incomprehensible, understanding, confused, dreamy, trusting, trustworthy, neglected, daring, confused, spoiled, puzzled, desperate, diverse, complex, multifaceted, vital, forward-looking, prejudiced, cheeky, elegant, cautious, cheeky

Character traits with W

choosy, daring, daring, delusional, insane, insane, truthful, truth-loving, fickle, warm, warm-hearted, changeable, melancholy, feminine, soft, tearful, tearful, wise, far-sighted, unworldly, cosmopolitan, agile, impious, disgusting, Contradictory, resilient, wild, weak-willed, weak-willed, strong-willed, willing, arbitrary, inquisitive, thirsty for knowledge, funny, well-educated, benevolent, benevolent, taciturn, undignified, dignified, wonderful

Character traits with Z

tenacious, tender, hesitant, fidgety, delicate, delicately-tempered, delicately feeling, magical, hesitant, fragile, pensive, destructive, absent-minded, bitchy, purposeful, aimless, purposeful, purposeful, whimsical, hesitant, cautious, satisfied, buttoned up, hands-on, sane, reserved, reliable, confident, courteous, compulsive, doubtful, ambivalent, shady, compelling

Character traits with Ä, Ö, Ü

fearful, caustic, ecological, economical, over-excited, over-emotional, over-protective, over-precise, arrogant, over-candidate, over-critical, capable of surviving, superior, considered, over-confident, over-thinking, surprising, over-sensitive, over-excited, overwhelming, convincing
Notes on this overview: This list of character traits is very likely not complete and will therefore be updated by us on an ongoing basis. Furthermore, duplications can of course creep in or individual character traits can be forgotten in the list. If you have a reference to the overview, miss a character trait or a certain adjective, we look forward to hearing from you.