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Going out under 18 - this is how young people celebrate

Many young people like to go to parties or to the cinema on Friday or Saturday evenings. They go to a concert or meet in a club. Frederike, Paul and Paula tell what they like to do best.

The Youth Protection Act in Germany regulates how long young people are allowed to go out in the evening. The law also determines who is a young person. These are boys and girls between the ages of 14 and 18.

If you want to go to a concert, you need the permission of your parents. When it comes to going to the cinema, the following applies: The film must end at 10 p.m. if you are under 16 and at midnight if you are under 18.

If boys and girls are under 16, they are not allowed to go to the disco or club unless their father or mother is with them. But go dancing with your parents? Many do not enjoy this. Boys and girls aged 16 and over are allowed to party without parents and in the disco or club until midnight. But at midnight it is over for them if they are there alone. Or they have a “mother's note” with them and a companion who is over 18. The "Muttizettel" is a document that can be downloaded from the Internet. With their signature, the parents then allow their child to stay longer. And they name a person who is over 18 years old and who goes to the party or club with their child. This person will take care of the teen at the event and on the way home. From the age of 18 you are of legal age and can go out as long as you want.

Three young people from Berlin, all 17 years old, talk about going out:

Frederike likes concerts and is allowed to go out for a long time

I went to a “Kraftklub” concert with three friends. This is a band from Chemnitz. One friend's mother was there too. So it wasn't a problem to get in. It was great! Everyone sang along loudly and danced along. We weren't home until two in the morning. But since we had my friend's mother with us, that wasn't a problem.

My parents give me a lot of freedom when going out. I don't have to be home by ten o'clock sharp. They know that I am responsible and don't do anything stupid.

Paul likes barbecues, concerts and techno music

I really enjoy going out with my friends in the evening. For example, we meet in Volkspark Friedrichshain for a barbecue or picnic. Sometimes we also go to clubs, to concerts by friends from the 12th grade. They put on techno music.

Certain clubs, such as the “Matrix”, are only accessible from the age of 18. That is strictly controlled. When I'm 18, I really want to go there. Maybe it's not that great after all, but if everyone is always talking about it, you want to try it out.

Paula likes to dance to music from the charts

If you're not yet 18, you have to leave parties at midnight. Unless you have a "mother's note". It works like this: If someone in a group of friends is already 18, they can accompany three other people who are not yet 18. The parents of the minors must agree and sign this on the "mother's note". You have to have the note with you all evening. When friends turn 18, they are always happy and say: "Oh yes, I can be your mother now!"

When I go out, I like chart music or music from Latin America best. You can dance and sing along there. It's always a lot of fun.

Elisabeth Schwiontek
works as a freelance writer in Berlin.