What are some back massage techniques

Back massage

Since time immemorial, massages have served as a source of well-being, sensuality and beauty, rest, relaxation and regeneration, from which people draw new strength.

Enjoy pure relaxation with a back massage


People who regularly work in a position that is anything but good for the back, such as in the office, know the pain in the back, which can then occur over and over again. This pain is often caused by muscle tension, so back pain is one of the widespread diseases of civilization.

Tensions torment people and make it physically and mentally impossible to cope with everyday life appropriately. Back massages can help at this point.

Mentally as well as psychologically, a relief spreads that makes it possible for the patient to look beyond the stress or other causes of the back pain for a few days.

You can counteract this in your own way by ensuring sufficient exercise and relaxation breaks. But that alone often doesn't help at all. A warm bath and massages can then help to loosen up the muscles and bring body and soul back into balance.

Improved wound healing, pain relief, acting on internal organs via reflex arcs, psychological relaxation, reducing stress, improving cell metabolism in tissue, relaxing skin and connective tissue and influencing the autonomic nervous system are also part of the mode of action.

Treatment in the Neumühle SPA

Back massage approx. 20 minutes 35 €
Back and head massage approx. 30 min. 45 €