What is a better speech or debate

This is how you lead a successful discussion!

Prepare a successful discussion

So that a discussion goes well and all discussion participants thechance have theirposition there are some to representregulate andTips to theprocedure andbehaviorwhich we would like to explain to you below.

Your own point of view

First of all, you should have a look at the topic opinion and make your own position Find. How about this, for example theme?

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Should the Cell phone use be allowed in the breaks?

You can surely get a opinion and have thus taken an important first step. For your opinion convincing to be able to represent and a successful one discussion to lead you should be fine to prepare. Find Argumentsthat for your position speak. For example, you can have a list create:

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  • not everyone has a cell phone
  • one speaks less to one another
  • you don't turn your head off during the breaks
  • etc.

These arguments speak against, for example Cell phone use in breaks. In the end, these are good arguments Most importantto others of yours position to convince. These should factual and comprehensible be. Depending on the case, it can be useful to add the arguments afterwards organizehow convincing they are. In the end, you should develop the most convincing arguments:

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Support your arguments Explanations, Examples or Conclusions. You can also make your own experience let it flow in.

Even before the discussion starts, you should worry about what against could speak your point of view. Then firstly you are not so surprised and secondly you can think about beforehand how you will respond react would.

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Collect possible objection and think about how to do this weaknesses can.

You're good for one with that discussion prepared. You can help yourself notes on Index cards or one leaf do.

Rules and tips for a successful discussion

Adiscussion needs rules, because depending on what it is about, these can easily get out of hand.

Be factual

Always make sure that you factual stay matter-of-fact express. You don't convince if you emotionally and personally argue. So avoidEveryday language

Keep the rules of conversation

With Rules of conversation you surely already know. These also largely apply to Discussions. The general rule is that you are other excuses let and serious should take. Always stay factual and don't grab anyone personally because of his position at. Wait until you get to the line are.

Respond to others

You got yours Arguments considered in advance and written down. But it is the great art of rightJob to make the right arguments. You should use the Speeches the other tie in and on this enter.

Of course there are several Forms of discussionwho have a different procedure to have. Our Tips but can help you as you basically at Discussions can approach. If you would like to find out more about a written argument, take a look at ours text to do this after.

Your Knowledge you can now with our tasks testing. We wish you a lot fun